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01-07-2008, 14:16
A quick question - How many points does the dwarf and Goblin force come to respectively ? Contents of skull pass alone.

01-07-2008, 16:50
I think they come up to about 550-600pts each, depending on how far you go with upgrades.

01-07-2008, 18:18
First the dwarfs:
12 warriors with shield and command:133pts
10 thunderers with command:165
8 Miners with command: 113pts (143 with blastin charges)
Cannon: 90pts (with runes up to 190pts)
Thane with handweapon and shield:67pts (up to 142pts with runes)
Dragonslayer:50pts (with runes up to 125pts)

Then the gobs
20 Ngobs with spears and command:100pts
20 Ngobs with spears and command:100pts
20 Ngobs with bows and command:80pts
10Spider riders with with command:160pts
1Troll:40pts (60pts if river or stone troll)
Night goblin big boss:30pts (up to 82 with magic items and light armor)
Night gob shaman:50pts(up to 135 with magic items and additional wizard level)

Both armies can make balanced 700pts armies