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Napoleon Blownapart
01-07-2008, 15:17
I play mostly empire and am certainly not bored of them; but wanted something different and really liked the look of the vampires. Here's my first 2k list I wrote up. Have played only 1 small game as vamps before, so I'm looking for experienced advice.


Vampire Lord, 1 extra magic level, Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the dead, Helm of commandment 380pts

Necromancer on corpse cart with lodestone and book of arkhan 190pts

Vampire with Dark Acolyte, Avatar of death 150pts

Wight King with Sword of Kings and Skeletal Steed 115pts

CORE 413pts

6 Dire Wolves 48pts

6 Dire Wolves 48pts

18 Spear Skellies full command, banner of Endless Nightmare 207pts

10 Spear Skellies full command 110pts


20 Grave Guard full command 270pts

10 Black Knights Full COmmand, Standard of Hellish Vigour 305pts


Varghulf 175pts


Wight King Goes with Black Knights, Lord with Grave Guard, and the 2 other characters are going in the big 7 wide skelly unit.

01-07-2008, 17:17
Biggest issue is that you are short 1 core choice. Only Skeletons, zombies, and ghouls count. Furthermore Dire Wolves should be 5, not much reason for 6. Also the BKs are could be a bit large unless you really want a rank bonus + extra wound.

If that is the case, i'd go with 5 BKs and a BSB...more manuverable and still has a +1 to CR. Hell, drop SoK for another banner (BotB or RBotS work wonders for wights).

Your magic might also be a tad light. DA w/o a mastery wont do a lot since you'll only reliably have raise dead. I also find it hard to not take full points on my lord. Why not pick up a skull staff? Or more fighty/protecy gear for him?

GG + BK might be hard to fit in in 2000pts, mabie in 2250 you can (which is better in almost every way IMO, not to mention GT is now 2250), which would be why you're hurting for points for the basics. I'd pick one Wight unit or the other personally.

Good luck...and may your steam tank meet my Frostblade some day :D

01-07-2008, 19:07
I'm going to disagree with Nedar and say that Mastery is a waste of points almost all the time. The only spell you really need in raise dead, and the necromancer and the Book of Arkhan provide two Danses already. DA is worth it even if it's only for the extra casting dice.

He is right about the need for more core. You could just get a 10 man ghoul character-assassin unit, but I think you'd be better served by another skellie block. Drop the BK to 5 (10 is never worth it on cavalry, and in my opinion standard bearers aren't really worth it either), drop the magic banner on the skellies and drop all of their spears. That should be enough points for another block, with maybe some extra points to bulk out the GG.

I've really fallen out of love with the corpse cart. I'd put the necro on foot, and use the 100 spare points on a powerstone (or two) and the rod of flaming death. I'd probably give the combat vampire some kind of protection too, maybe the 10 point lance and a stead. Only a 3+ save, but it's better than nothing.

03-07-2008, 03:26
Mastery powers a waste of points? Wow...just wow.

03-07-2008, 04:48
Err, I'm an idiot. I thought you were talking about Forbidden Lore (which doesn't even have Mastery in the name). Yes, Mastery powers are good. Forbidden Lore, however, is a waste of points.

03-07-2008, 04:53
I am going to disagree with Stinkfoot on most of the points he put up. A 10 man squad of BK's are good if you know you will be against a heavy shooting force. Even though you can bring them back, concentrated fire on a 5 man squad (sometimes terrain doesn't go in your favor as well) and they can go down. It also increases your chances of out number as well.

I'm going to say to drop the spears as well, being that overall, 11 swings even with the helm of commandment isn't amazing on a S3 hit (Ghouls excluded in due part to poison).

I would also say if you're going to keep the corpse cart, go with balefire and drop the lodestone.

I'd keep the dogs at 5 wide personally, and go with another core of skeletons.

03-07-2008, 05:07
He has a free special choice. There is little reason to take a unit of 10 instead of 2 units of 5. They have less freedom of movement (than two units) and are more vulnerable rank-piercing weapons. You're basically paying like 150 points for the slim chance that you'll be able to break a unit unsupported. If you're using them as flankers (as you should be, IMHO) then 2x5 is better than 1x10.

I think he could use another unit of skellies instead of more knights, but i suppose you can argue the extra 5 knights are more important. In either case however, he shouldn't take more than a single rank of cavalry.