View Full Version : Tactics vs. Wood Elves and Big Flying Nasties with Warriors of Chaos?

01-07-2008, 18:11
What tactics do you use for countering Wood Elves with the new list? With their highly maneuverable, skirmishy ways, not to mention the moonstone, they usually outmaneuver me and it is not pretty. I find eagles and waywatchers that deploy directly behind my lines, march blocking half my army especially annoying.
Multiple treesingings can also be a real pain - in one game I played my chosen knights were stuck behind a single stupid forest the entire game. The only counter to this that I can think of is to deploy all units far away from trees.

Also, what can one do to counter big flying nasties like star dragons and bloodthirsters? I haven't actually faced any greater daemons yet but I'm sure I will soon. It is almost impossible to get the charge on them due to their long charge range, and they usually break through any enemy unit in the first round. The only solution I can think of is taking the stubborn banner (a must in my opinion) and trying up the monster until you can flank it and break it through combat res. The problem is though, a prince is Ld 10, and fleeing 3D6 will most likely escape when it breaks, rally, and then come back to terrorize your army once again. Any other clever ideas?
Bloodthirsters I imagine won't be as much of a problem as with Ld 9 and only 5 wounds it seems very possible to pop them on combat res, as long as you can survive the initial onslaught.