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01-07-2008, 22:57
Hey there guys. I have finally completed to paint all my modesl and would like some advice on doing a viable army list (1000 and 2000 points) with my stuff.Crurrently I have:

10 Archers
20 Spearmen
7 Dragon Princes
1 Tiranoc Chariot
21 Swordmasters
4 Repeater Boltthrower
2 Mages
Noble on foot
Noble on Horse (could be used as BSB cause he has one)

Any help would be really appreciated

All the best,


01-07-2008, 23:33
Bit of advice: Choose a type of army that you want to play. HE can be extremely good in almost all aspects of Warhammer, but they can't be good in all of them at the same time.

I tend to field a combat heavy list, so I don't use archers. Another person I know fields a magicky-ranged list, so he doesn't field much heavy cav.

What I'm basically trying to say, is build your list based on how you like it.

What you currently have actually does look like a decently balanced army. I personally don't like 4 RBTs, 'cause they smell a bit like :cheese: to me, but a lot of other armies field a lot more artillery.

02-07-2008, 19:31
looks good follow the advice above just dont be put of by people who think your list is cheesy and stuff. Play your army how you want it to be played

02-07-2008, 22:00
Head on over to ulthuan.net, we'll gladly help you out there.