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02-07-2008, 00:33
Hi all, I'm still fairly new to Fantasy in general and particularly I'm new to Wood Elves. This is the list I'm using at the moment for standard 2k games, and while it's not bad it's not particularly great either.

The Wild Riders particularly aren't really holding their weight at the moment, but I don't necessarily want to get rid of them because I love their speed and maneuverability. The magic is a problem as it's not really very effective right now, but I can't drop it else I'll have no magic defence, nor can I really pump it up that much for fear of siphoning points from the actual army itself, which is really what's doing the work.


1 x Wood Elf Spellweaver
- Calaingor's Stave
- 3 x Dispell Scrolls

1 x Wood Elf Noble
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Briarsheath
- Moonstone of the Hidden Ways

1 x Branchwraith
- Level 1 Wizard
- Cluster of Radiants


8 x Dryads

8 x Dryads

8 x Dryads


5 x Wild Riders of Kurnous

5 x Wild Riders of Kurnous

5 x Wardancers

3 x Tree Kin


1 x Treeman

1 x Treeman

Any advice appreciated!

02-07-2008, 11:50
I like your list, i think its not bad at all.

Personally, I think you should look at getting more meat into the list, by changing some of the those elite choices into core choices to free up some points. I just think that the army is alittle to small to handle alot of 2k lists out there.

For example, look at changing your W.Riders to core units of G.Riders and your tree kin to more dryads, just to flesh out your list abit more. More units = more options, which is what mobile lists needs like yours.

Also you've created a nice magic phase, I think you should improve on it and use it as a linch pin phase + your movment phase.

If you add glade riders to your list, then you give your list fleeing options, abit of shooting(which really you should have to use all your phases in your turn fully) + small flankers.