View Full Version : 2000 Points Friendly DOW

02-07-2008, 14:49
yeh well my favourite warhammer novel is the burning shore and well i now have the time to make a dogs of war army based on the force in the book

Hireling Wizard Lord-Extra Level, Staff of Sorcery, Power Stone, D-Scroll-310

Paymaster-Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield-69

Captain (florin)-Brace of Pistols, Heavy Armour, Shield-70

Captain (of the dwarves)-Axe o' Battle, Heavy Armour, Shield-81

27 Pikemen-Heavy Armour, Full Command-327

10 Duellists-Champ + Musician, 2 HW's-90

10 Duellists-Champ + Musician, Pistols-110

10 Duellists-Champ + Musician, Shields-80

10 Crossbowmen-80

17 Dwarves-Great Weapons, Heavy Armour, Shields, Full Command-217

17 Paymaster's Guard-Heavy Armour, Full Command, Warbanner-225

4 Merc Ogres-Great Weapons, Light Armour-176




thinking of down grading the wizard from a lord
but this would hinder the magical abilities of the wizard from the book
What do people think of this as a thematic list