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02-07-2008, 15:37
Hi there! This is a friendly list, I am going to see the new VC and probably High Elves in battle. They both field dragons so I really can't do anything else but field a wyvern! :D Tell me if this is a decent list.

Orcs & Goblins 2250 pt.

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Black Orc War Boss [general] @ 451 pt.
-heavy armour, wyvern
-Shaga’s Screamin’ Sword, Enchanted Shield, Bigged Kickin’ Boots, The Collar of Zorga

Black Orc Big Boss [battle standard bearer] @ 180 pt.
-heavy armour, boar, battle standard bearer, Mork’s Spirit Totem

Goblin Shaman @ 165 pt.
-wolf chariot, 2x dispel scroll

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Core Units:

25 Orc Boyz @ 180 pt.
-full command, shields

23 Orc Boyz @ 168 pt.
-full command, shields

2x 5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 152 pt.
-musician, spears, short bows

2x 5 Forest Goblin Spider Riders @ 152 pt.
-musician, short bows

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Special Units:

6 Savage Orc Boar Boyz @ 261 pt.
-full command, spears, shields, big’uns, Banner of Butchery

4x Spear Chucka @ 155 pt.
-3x bully

10 Black Orcs @ 178 pt.
-full command, shields

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Rare Units:

Giant @ 205 pt.

__________________________________________________ _____________________
Total @ 2247 pt.

02-07-2008, 18:47
the black orc unit is too small...
id probably just drop the unit altogether...
use the points to add a few more boar boyz, another chariot or doom diver maybe, and give your BSB a shield

02-07-2008, 18:48
oh, and if your playing VC, maybe another shaman with stealin staff, or just a level 1 on chariot for the extra DD...

03-07-2008, 18:15
I don't have any more black orcs at the moment, I have one plastic set. But they are too expensive to field in units of 20 anyway.

The points for that unit could give me a boar chariot or maybe a savage orc in chariot. Although I got the black orcs as a gift so I would like to field them.

I don't have another wolf chariot but the points could also buy me another caddy chariot. Although would be a bit overkill I guess. I already have 6DD + 2 scrolls.

Gobbo Lord
03-07-2008, 18:41
The black orc unit is fine. You should never take a unit of 20 of them, as you said, it is a waste of points. 10 is great (I use 12). They work best in support of a larger unit of lesser greenskins, who provide the static combat res whilst the black orcs provide the killing. Maybe get rid of the black orc boss and just take the standard and musician. 20 points to upgrade to a boss, and what do you get, 1 extra attack. YOu can buy another black orc for 12 points and he has two attacks plus adds an extra wound to your unit. The black orc boss is overpriced

Also i know that for some reason a lot of people say to take a goblin shaman on chariot, i really dont see why, chariots are for charging, a goblin shaman is not very good at fighting.

Savage orc boar boy big uns, again id say drop the boss. A boss is worth it in normal boyz as they get extra weapon skill, strength and attack, whilst in biguns you are paying a lot of points for just one extra attack as their stats are identical to a normal big un. BUt this unit is super hard. They have the ability to win a combat against a fully ranked unit even if they charge them in the front. Just watch for redirecters, and dont forget frenzy means you must charge if you can, but does not mean you must charge the closest unit, watch for small redirector units.

You can arm your warboss so much better than you have. Shaggas Screaming sword isnt very good, especially against vamps where their characters are spread out nice and wide to get most of the army marching. Try Martogs best basha instead, +1 weaponskill, strength and initiative is great combined with bigged kickin boots on your black orc lord (something i always take) this combination gives him 5 ws8, strength 6 attacks. Combine it with Effigy of Gork (with the points youve saved dumping the screaming sword) making it a further -1 to hit him and go character hunting, Youll be hitting on 3s against most characters and they will be hitting on 5s because of the effigy. Its a good, cheap combo that i swear by.

Other than that id say go with your list. Two large targets to scare the opponent, lots of fast cavalry. Not how i play my greenies (no where near in fact) But youll have fun, Seriously though if you only listen to one thing ive said, dump the screaming sword, its so overpriced for its abilities it hurts.

03-07-2008, 19:42
Good points! I will remove the bosses from black orcs and from the pig'uns! Saves me 37 pts. Damn. nice! I had some plans on the table removing my spider riders to field another hero. This will be a savage orc big boss on a boar chariot carrying just a spear. I plan to use this in combo with my wolf chariot. Now where can I use the 40 points I have left over. Maybe give him porko's pigstikka?

The reason why I put my goblin shaman on a chariot is because he is a caddy. He only needs to get me through the first and maybe second round. After that he can die for all I care xD. He doesn't suffer from animosity in a chariot and after he did his job he can be useful and ram something, hehe. Also saves me a special slot since I need the chariots against HE. (swordmasters :( )

Pig'uns are dead 'ard and I never leave home without them, always done great and always will! Anyone who says they suck is wrong! :P

I like your combo of martogs+effigy. It seems to work perfectly together to make him hard to hit, WS8 and T5, -1 to hit. But shaga's overpriced? It can potentially give you the same bonus as the 100pts. battleaxe of the last Waaagh! I like my boss with WS7 S8 8 attacks :P It's a tough choice though, your combo is good but less offensive (how I like my bosses... )

Gobbo Lord
03-07-2008, 21:24
Yes Shaggas sword can be very helpful and worth its points if it happens that all the opposing armies characters are bunched up together (Armies such as dwarfs). however vampires tend to spread the characters out and if you only have one character within range at anyone time the sword is not worth it. Obviously it depends on your opponent.

Martogs best basha is a definate plus one to 3 of your statistics for the whole game. Plus strength 6 is usually enough to lay the hurt on most opponents. Strength 8 is good for large hard things. BUt Martogs basha leaves a lot of points for more items (such as the effigy). Each to their own though, whatever works for you.