View Full Version : Krooty Tzeentch/Khorne deamons-Need advice

02-07-2008, 18:09
Didn't get much response on the Herdstone with this so I'm moving it over here, hopefully some of you will have some advice.

I always wanted to use my kroot from 40K in a fantasy army, and the new deamon book certainly made it possible. I know, beasts would have worked too, but I have a beast army already.

I've been doing pretty well so far with my Kroot deamon army (mostly tzeench, except for some kroothounds= khornedogs). Only the screamers are non-krooty, and I'm trying to stick with that theme.

Here's the typical list I've been using:

Deamon Army of Kroot (2250 pts)

1 Lord of Change @ 595 Pts (Inquisitor size kroot with wings added,gun converted)
General; Magic Level 3
Tzeentch's Will
Master of Sorcery

1 Herald of Tzeentch @ 300 Pts Chaos sorcerer on disc, converted with nekaru head from Wargods minis, pulled by screamers)
Magic Level 2; Battle Standard
Master of Sorcery
Flames of Tzeentch
Great Standard of Sundering
Chariot of Tzeentch

16 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch @ 225 Pts (Kroot warriors, guns removed)
Standard; Musician, Icon of Sorcery

12 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch @ 144 Pts
11 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch @ 132 Pts

5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne @ 175 Pts (Kroot hounds)
5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne @ 175 Pts

5 Screamers of Tzeentch @ 150 Pts

5 Flamers of Tzeench @ 175 Pts (Kroot snipers with guns converted to flame throwers)
5 Flamers of Tzeench @ 175 Pts

Casting Pool: 7 + Horrors
Dispel Pool: 5 + Horrors
Models in Army: 66
Total Army Cost: 2246

So I'm trying to come up with ways to use my krootoxen. I have 3 options I can think of:
1. Use them as unit fillers in my horrors. Leave the gun on them, so it could be said that this is what is actually shooting the magic missiles out of the unit. This would give me an extra 16 horrors, since I have 4 krootox. Currently I only own 5 unused kroot not already in the list
2. Convert them by getting rid of the gun, and use them as khorne juggernauts. I could add a unit of 3, plus a herald:
Herald of Khorne, juggernaut, obsidian armor @ 200 pts (Krootox with rider, converted to remove gun)
3. Use 3 as unit fillers for horrors, convert the 4th one into a herald of khorne on a jugger, and have him join a unit of kroothounds. This would slow them down, but add even more punch to them.

From what I hear from others, juggernauts are not that great, so I'm leaning toward option 3. Plus, this would give me another herald if I couldn't take my greater deamon for some reason such as 1999 pt games or restricted campaign or league games.

I do have another shaper that I plan to convert to use as another herald of tzeentch so my biggest horror uit can have a herald in larger games.
So what do you think of the options, or do you have another krooty suggestion?