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02-07-2008, 22:01
My Brother is wanting to start High Elves, so he came up with this list and as I don't know very much about them I'm asking any High Elf vets out there to throw their two cents in for how his army looks. He wants a mostly ranged/magic heavy army, and at a 1000 points has come up with this.

Mage: lvl 2. Jewel of Dusk, Guardian Phoenix
10 Archers
10 Archers
Repeater Bolt Thrower
Lion Chariot
15 Swordmasters(full command
5 Ellyrian Reavers

He'll mostly be facing my Dwarfs(I field a pretty standard list of warriors/thunderers/organ gun/cannon), and so far i've managed to beat him twice(I can match him die for die in his magic phase). So, any comments as to make this army more magicky/more anti-dwarfy? I'll make sure to pass the suggestions along...:angel:

02-07-2008, 23:04
It's a good start just a few things.

One, he doesn't need two Core choices so I'd drop the second unit of Archers. Secondly he doesn't have a lot of anything else. I like the Reavers, and the SMs are good.

However if he's facing Dwarfs then he'll get muderized. First, the L2 Mage with the extra PD isn't going to cut it against a Dwarf army's magical defense. Secondly, the Reavers are out of the march blocking job. An Eagle would maybe tie-up a warmachine faster without dying as quickly (due to hiding behind terrain). Thirdly, the Chariot is asking to get shot. Fourthly, the Sword Masters will die in droves.

He has nothing that'll go toe-to-toe with the Warriors either. I wouldn't recommend magic at all at this level unless you know what you're getting into.

Have him head on over to www.ulthuan.net where the High Elf players can help him out with list-building advice.