View Full Version : 2250 daemons army -which magic lord to take?

02-07-2008, 22:59
LOC w/ twin heads, dark magister 635 this or KOS w/siren song, allure,torment blade
Blue scribes = 81
L1 nurgle w/palaquin, noxious, slime = 250
Herald of tzeentch w/ winged horror, mos, BSB banner of despair = 260

5 hounds = 175
5 hounds = 175

2 fiends = 110
1 fiend = 55

16 plaguebearers w/ standard of seeping decay + musician + champion = 247 (with herald)
10 bloodletters = 120
10 bloodletters = 120

total 2228
9/6 + 1bound.

tactic pretty simple - hounds protect flank, fiends deploy both sides to charge archers/warmachines - they should be durable enough to withstand a turn of shooting (in some cases...). scribes, LOC and tzeentch herald will blast with magic. Tzeentch herald will "camp" in cover around enemies who are going to charge or about to be charged so the -2LD banner can kick in. I did thought about replacing the Icon of despair with the Banner of hellfire... but I think if one unit breaks or fails a strategic attack the despair will get its points back... thoughts?