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03-07-2008, 04:14
This has been an ongoing project for over half a year now, although somewhat on and off, here is where I'm at right now.


So this is how it looks after the re-build, the back of the newer panels need some dressing up but After all this work I realize just how much painting I could of had done today if I went with that course of action, but here we are regardless.


It took tons of work and positioning to get the cardboard to sit flat on the foam, and everywhere else but luckily I had some metal models around to help with stuff like that, so that was a major set back, I went with smaller plates first, about 7 of them to cover the floor, then as they were just about done I thought "no, big plates!" so with two giant plates on either side I linked the floor all together, I also went around the base and cleaned up any bad looking melted foam, I am even considering maybe that I should get some foamcore/board/whatever before continuing but that will cost most than I have right now, which is $0.

I honestly can't wait to get down to painting it this time, I will wait a little for it to all dry off, then take it outside and spray it, because otherwise the scene of paint goes right through the house for hours.

Then I will take some photos and thats it for a while until its totally dry and ready for paints!

My only regret is not making it all out of plasticard so I could damage the edges well, cardboard just seems to collapse under the pressure of a drill and scalpel blade.

I will have updates soonish I think, I've done quite a bit of painting on the sign, and hope to have some more pieces up soon, I may actually make all the signs then stick them on later.

The front of the mek shop sign, coming along well, I don't think the photo really shows it but the rust really has come out well, basically it was layer upon layer of varying browns, eventually trying to get brighter, most layers being watered down psychically AFTER the paint was put down, so there was still a nice base of color.

Any comments welcome!

05-07-2008, 05:29
That's awesome! I want!!

05-07-2008, 06:04
most layers being watered down psychically after the paint was put down, so there was still a nice base of color.

Any comments welcome!

Thats really impressive, and if you really painted with your mind... then i might have a few jobs for you :P

05-07-2008, 06:55
That is so Cool :D