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03-07-2008, 09:18
So I was thinking on using small units of savage orcs with two hand weapons to support my main 25-30 orc units with a shield to add more choppy ness. I was thinking about 10 savage orcs. This would only be about 105 points with a musicain for tons of choppy. Btw I'm a huge fan of avian's orc tactics. So much that it inspired me to start a O&G army. So I'm gearing towards a mixed O&G list. The idea would be to have the savage orcs sit back behind the main battle line and eventually have the goblins flee out of the way to make room for the savage orcs to come in.

The problem with this is the savage orcs would cause panic to my main orc units. But they shouldn't be targeted because they are screened. I guess they would be kinda like shock troops in chase things go wrong on the front line??

I don't really see the point in having large units of savage orcs. It seems it would be too many points where normal orc with shields pull off the same result.

Is this idea not too feasible or ...?

So tell me what you think.

03-07-2008, 09:39
Normal orcs with shields look as good on papaer.

Immune to psy is so much more powerful in the army then you would imagine.

Also a 6+ ward gives them pretty much the same ranged protection as normal orcs.

Always run them with additional choppas (never shields) and they will work for you. Thats just my oppinion thou. Ive yet to try my list with 3x30 savage orcs.

03-07-2008, 10:31
I think it is a nice idea to use 10 savage orcs with additional choppas as support units. They are cheap, hard and immune to psychology!

They won't panic due to shooting so they will never panic your main block of orcs. They are perfect for the job. Could even maken some big'uns to add real punch where needed. Too bad the models are expensive and ugly!! :(

03-07-2008, 10:43
when it comes to frenzied troops...

take lots or none at all... or take units so small your opponent won't commit points to leading them around...

savage orcs are a sight to behold though... take them when you can for they are a buzzsaw of green butchery... a real sight to behold...

a block of 30 savage orc boys will be roughly 100 points more expensive than the same number of regular boys with choppa and shield... 100 points for 12 more attacks across your front, immune to psychology, 6+ ward save, etc, etc... for my play style this is an investment that is more than worth it... give 'em a shot in a larger unit... sub in savages for regulars and you might find that your battle line becomes tidier (just a few less troops to get in each others way) and you tear through your opponent like a hot squig through a butter dragon...

03-07-2008, 12:06
Meh i'm more interested in using savage orcs as support because of thier hitty. The normal orc boys would provide the static CR. The savage orcs just provide the hitty. Btw I'm the type of person that thinks that black orcs are to expensive for thier worth in a unit of 20 or for what they provide where the same unit of orc boyz gives the static cr for much much cheaper. beside the hitty that black orcs provide i think they are too expensive but this is getting off-topic.

Oh also since the unit size I'm thinking of is so small and cheap i was thinking on fielding 2 units of 10 as support to my main battle line and fill in gaps when needed. If these units are baited which i think would be hard to do due to being behind the main battle line i shouldn't care because of such low point costs. The thing that would suck is if the savage orcs get infront of other units

Blah i'm rambling

03-07-2008, 14:11
I used a similar unit (10 models, two choppas each, a musician and a champion) and had mixed results so far. Once they ended up in the flank of Elven Spearmen and managed to break the enemy, but this has nothing to do with savage orcs anyway, as a similar unit of normal orcs would have achieved the same thing (I had max ranks from the unit in front and so on).

When I have the patience to paint 10 more of them I'll try to use them as a big block, mainly because I'll be facing a lot of vampire armies the next year ;).

TBH, I do not think they work so well in the role that you want them. In most of my games I did not get good targets to charge anyway, and if you manage to get a flank charge off, the "savage" does not matter much, but this is my opinion of course. Feel free to try it for yourself and report back here :P! Savage Orcs have always been a complicated choice in a Greenskin Army.

Lord Snerual
03-07-2008, 14:15
I once tried a 20 man strong savage orc unit which were Big'uns and had additional choppas. Well, that Chaos general would think twiec to attack me once more. Yeez what can they chop, man. this means a 16 attacks at S5 in the first round of combat (oh yeah, i had the banner of butchery, this means, i had 21 attacks at S5).

03-07-2008, 18:22
I agree with Fishound, black orcs and savage orcs are a little too expensive to field in big blocks. For 180 pts you have 25 orc boyz with shields and command. Savage orcs will do in blocks of 10/12, they won't panic due to ItP! This is a great, great advantage. Because it means you can keep them small and they won't run due to shooting. Only way to get rid of them is kill them all.

I always field 6 savage orc boar boyz big'uns with banner of butchery. They provide the punch to smash through the opponents lines while the orcs keep advancing at a slow pace.