View Full Version : 1500 pts VC tournament list

03-07-2008, 11:23
Captain Alfred v. Neumann (vamp) @ 170 Pts
The Arkayne: Dark Acolyte
Flayed Hauberk
The Master: Lord of the Dead

Deckard Caín (vamp) @ 200 Pts
The Master: Summon Creatures of the Night
Balefire Spike
The Arkayne: Dark Acolyte
Dispel Scroll

Raziel Silberschatz (vamp) @ 185 Pts
The Martialle: Dread Knight
Book of Arkhan
The Courtly: Walking Death

13 Skeleton Warriors @ 120 Pts
Skeleton Captain

14 Skeleton Warriors @ 128 Pts
Skeleton Captain

5 Black Knights @ 197 Pts
Barding; Standard
Banner of the Dead Legion
Hell Knight

6 Black Knights @ 225 Pts
Barding; Standard
Standard of Hellish Vigor
Hell Knight

1 Varghulf @ 175 Pts

5 Fell Bats @ 100 Pts

Casting Pool: 7
Dispel Pool: 5
Models in Army: 47

Total Army Cost: 1500

Deckard will stick with the fell bats in order to replenish any casualities and give the unit a bit of punch. They will make a decent warmachine/small units hunter and they can march-block as well.

I have 2 solid blocks of infantry, one of them uncommanded (or coud I stick Raziel in one skellie unit in spite of having him in the 5-man BK unit?) and 2 BK unit which will give me, with the varghulf, the mobility to flank the enemy/pick my fights.

What do you think?

03-07-2008, 17:04
I really like the list.

Personally I'd go the + skellie summon or bat, since they're going to be in the real combats that determan games, while your bats + B.knights are enough to deal with ranged attack units.