View Full Version : 1000 Dwarf to get back into WHFB

Lord Balian
03-07-2008, 15:36
Alright, my friend and I have not played any fantasy since the new edition came out. We played the starter box scenarios and a couple of small games. We want to get back into the game and start with playing a few 1000 point games to learn the rules and our armies all over again.
I have quite a bit of dwarf stuff, probably 2000 points worth if I added it all up. Here is what I came up with for my 1000 point list to get back into the game with.
Please tell me if you think this is a decent list to be playing with. I'm looking for something that will help me learn to play my dwarfs again, and use their strengths.

Runesmith: shield, rune of spellbreaking (will join longbeards)

Warriors x20, shields, veteran, musician, standard
Warriors x20, shields, veteran, musician, standard
Longbeards x14, great weapons, veteran, musician, standard with Rune of Grungi(5+ ward to any unit within 6")
Thunderers x10


Lord Balian
04-07-2008, 17:56
No comments on this list? Come on, there has to be something that could said about it, or done differently, other options? How about tips on deploying and playing it?

04-07-2008, 18:10
I would, if you have the points, switch out the Runesmith for a cheap Thane (either of the killy or not dying variety) since magic doesn't tend to be massive at a thousand points and 4 DD tends to be enough to get you by.

If you want the character in the unit, make the unit of Longbeards 15 or 16, means you can take a shot or two and keep your rank bonus.

No rune on the cannon? A low cost rune makes it a magical attack. Good for VC.