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03-07-2008, 18:38
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03-07-2008, 19:26
The LatD can be used as Traitor IG (just use the IG codex) and the Orks can be used in an Orks army, but neither is really as playable as they once were. LatD will probably require teh use of the old Chaos codex, and the Clans are not available for the Orks. I don't believe that Flash Gitz can be taken as a Troops choice anymore, but you can still use them in the army (Ork armies are supposed to represent a typical warband made of Orks from different Clans).

I never played Thousand Sons under the old rules, so I can't really compare and contrast the versions. I do like the new Thousand Sons, though I prefer my Tzeentch Chaos Space Marines for fluff reasons.

For the Flesh Tearers, I see no reason for you to not use either the Khorne rules or Blood Angels rules. Either will be fine for a "Counts as" army.

As for the Black Dragons, you might want to wait on that. Rumour has it that the Traits will be removed from the next codex.

03-07-2008, 22:03
LatD works fine as IG for now. Include =][= allies to represent funkier stuff and you'll be all set until they (hopefully) release a Codex for them.

Orks are great, they really are da best. Flash Gitz are heavy support now, but you can make a clan-themed army pretty easily. There will be less rules difference, so you theme the models by converting and picking certain fluffy units.

TSons are tougher against high S and low AP weaponry now, but fall more easily to basic weaponry. They also have AP3 bolters and the Sorc is pretty nasty, if expensive. You'll find them a lot more viable than their previous incarnation. Once again, if you want a themed list, do it with models and unit choices. Not so much the free rules for different colors of dudes.

Flesh Tearers can use the BA rules quite well, with lots of DC, DC Dreads, and less elite and fancy units. Or you can use the Chaos rules with lots of Khornate and choppy units.

Black Dragons can use the Chaos or any loyalist rules, BA works pretty well (Death Co = Dragon Claws).

These days, theme mostly comes from models and certain unit/equipment choices. You won't find many sublists any more, but that just removes a lot of old unbalances.