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the johnanator
04-07-2008, 01:15
Hey guys this week i have a battle against vampire counts and me and the vamp player have decided to tailor our armies to face one another. I had an idea...

If i take a treeman ancient as my lord and try to get him into combat with the vampire lord do you think he could win a challenge? I know there is a spite i can give him which helps in challenges i cant think of it at the time though. What do you guys think? Can it be done?

04-07-2008, 02:24
Ah you mean the annoyance of nettlings. I think that both of them have a good chance of winning if the vampire lord is set up for combat with the dreadlance and red fury as I think that the dreadlances automatically hits rule over-rides the 6's to hit one. It could be that ye have to dice off for it but either way he will have a chance of doing it and with the magic weapon and strenght 7 he will negate your ward save and your armour save on the charge.He can also heal his lost wounds back too.

However if the treeman survives the first round, which is quite likely i think, then you have a good chance of killing him and in the second round he will only be strenght 5. Don't forget you also get to stand and shoot with strangleroot if he charges you.

Dragon Prince of Caledor
04-07-2008, 02:36
what about the frostblade? Instant death for the tree...:(

04-07-2008, 02:49
If he's power gaming you can pretty much expect Dread Lance + Red Fury. Since he's tailoring his list to fight yours, I think you can expect to see the Lord in a unit with the Banner of Having Flaming Attacks as well (I'm pretty sure that's what the banner is called at least).

I would imagine you have to roll off for the Annoyance vs. Dreadlance, but that still means you pretty much have a single 4+ save against being cut to pieces with your ancient. Even if you win the roll off, you'll still have to roll a bit above average to wound him faster than he can heal himself. That's not to say treemen suck against VCs, just that trying to take out a tricked-out Vampire Lord in a challenge is not the best use for them.

04-07-2008, 03:14
If he's a REAL powergamer, his dreadlance+redfury will come in a unit with the standard of "we screw treemen" (flaming attacks)

4 attacks, 4 hits, (t6?) 1 or 2 wounds, which can probably re-roll wounds with beguile, so at least 2-4 wounds doubled, then 2-4 more attacks (at least) so probably another wound (doubled!)

That is if course if he doesn't vanhells into combat and get S7, in which case your royally *********.

I would just stay away form the vamp and get some killing blow into him with something.

the johnanator
04-07-2008, 03:26
Yea i could be a real barstard and take 2 units of 7 waywatchers or a big unit of 14 and a treeman, those waywatchers could hurt his blood knights. Also i use 3 treekin with a lord on a great stag with the moonstone of hidden ways. I have had huge success with this combo, its taken a charge from 3 orge ironguts and a bruisers and killed the lot and went on to kill 9 more ogres throughtout the game, and last knight it took a charge from 7 dragon princes and only took a single wound! next turn it killed them all!! I have been very lucky with my stag as the 2 times my highborn has died its either become frienzed and gone on to kill 2 bolt throwers or against my friends dwarfs it became unbreakable against an anvil and a unit of dwarf warriors in the rear, it survived 3 rounds without taking a wound and the killed the anvil, the character with it and 4 dwarf warriors beforer the game ended! quite a feat i thought.

04-07-2008, 13:36
You could try a Highborn, spirit sword, eagle (or alter kindred). Great for taking out unarmoured vampires, or Varghulfs for that matter.

A few warhawks to hit and run his support vampires might work too.

04-07-2008, 13:53
as per the WE FAQ, you dice off each round to see which one wins, Dreadlance or Netlings. This is silly to me, as netlings says you need to roll 6s to hit, but Dreadlance auto hits anyway so netlings should have no effect...i happen to disagree with the barding ruling in the VC FAQ too, but it's their rules.

Too, I happen to play VC and WE as my fantasy armies (completely opposite armies I know) so can see both sides of this. Chances are much in the vampire players' favor here. If he wins the dice off, he WILL kill your treeman on the charge if he has flaming attacks and red fury (if he doesn't he's dumb or being really nice).

I would suggest an EG block as your best bet, or a crap top of arrows...or both. I guarantee he'll have a flaming banner, so the lest flammable things you take (Treeman/Treekin) the better, none is ideal. Take lots of waywatchers (i would take all your rare slots worth in units of 5-8 or so), lots of wardancers, and lots of glade guard/riders. A flaming sworded wardancer hero will be good for a Vargulf and the likely Drakenhoff unit you'll see.

Frostblade might work, but against a lord you both have 10 and he has more things to lower your leadership than you. Either go magic heavy, or none at all IMO...heavy will suck as you'll need at least 3 mages, and that's less fighty characters.

Good luck, it'll be cool see how my two favorite fantasy armies fair against one another.

05-07-2008, 10:14
Take the ancient.

If the vamp lord is in blood knights then thank your opponent.

When he charges his champion (why do people take this guy? they all do!) has to challenege. Accept and kill, Hopefully the overkill will kill a knight or 2. Next round attacks bloodknights, kill them and watch vamp lord crumble.

05-07-2008, 10:37
If the vamp lord is in blood knights then thank your opponent.

When he charges his champion (why do people take this guy? they all do!) has to challenege.

That is not the rule. Someone has misled you. The champ only has to challenge if there is no character with equal or higher Ld in the unit.