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the johnanator
04-07-2008, 02:09
Hey guys just wondering what yout hink of these lists?

I have a no comp score tournement coming up in a weeks time and i know im going to be facing an empire army with 2 steam tanks, high elves with 2 bolt throwers and 2 DoW cannons a 2nd gen slann lizardman army amongst other super cheese lists.

I play WE and the figures i own are:

Highborn on stag
Wardancer noble
2 spellsingers/weavers
Drycha (used as branchwraith)
12 dryads (another 12 unassembelled)
16 glade guard (another 16 unassembelled)
5 glade riders (another 12 unassembelled)
14 wardancers
3 treekin
16 waywatchers
5 wild riders.

I have enough money to buy a couple more units but dont want to if i can avoid it. I have the next week of work so hopefully if there is something you guys think i should change i could get it painted up in time.

My first list is...

wildrider kindred
great stag
moonstone of hidden ways
the dawnspear

wardancer kindred
blades of loec

level 1
dispel scroll

murder of spites
cluster of radience

12 dryads
branch nymph

5 glade riders

10 glade guard
full command

10 wardancers
musician bladesinger

3 treekin


7 waywatchers
shadow sentienel

total: 2000

2nd list

level 4
wand of wych elm
amarathine brooch

wood elf noble
wild rider
great stag
moonstone of the hidden ways

level 2
2 dispel scrolls

level 1
2x cluster of radience

5 glade riders
horse master

12 dryads

10 glade guard
full command

8 wardancers

3 treekin elder


7 waywatchers
shadow sentinel


What do you guys think? I have a horrible feeling that both lists are going to get smashed but i wanted other opinions? please take the time to help me, this is my first tournement and i really want to do well.


04-07-2008, 03:28
Against cheesefest lists you're going to struggle with anything you build from the models available (you'd struggle if you had the 2 treemen and a BSB list too, but that's for different reasons).

To your lists. I think either one has merits from the character build standpoint although against 2 Stanks mobility will be key (you can't really take the stupid thing out unless your treeman and treekin go bang on it which they should absolutely NOT do).

Also you're taking a wildrider kindred character in both lists but not taking wildriders. While him popping up behind the enemy using the moonstone is handy, he's still got LoS issues because of his monster base and he's not going to win any fight other than against war machine crews which is probably not the best use of his skills. I'd either drop him for something else (more casters?) or add the wild riders to the list. You're not using up all your specials slots anyway.

I think you have some fairly inefficient points usage going on in both lists though and for tournament play you'll be well served to trim this fat and use the points elsewhere.

To wit:
1) giving gladeguard any command is pretty wasteful and giving them a non-magical (springtide) banner is just coughing up another 100 vp to your opponent
2) gladeriders are missile troops and have no business wasting points on a champion who gets a whopping +1 BS, keep the musician though because rallying with a +1 from a voluntary flee reaction is part and parcel of what these guys do best
3) dryad units should not number more than 10. Take the time to assemble 4 more and field 2 units of 8 (or bump them to 10 if you have the time and points)
4) treekin champions are INSANELY expensive for +1 attack and can then be challenged, which may keep one of your other treekin from even getting to fight. I'd drop the champ
5) waywatchers are missile troops and have no business investing points in a champion even though he has the startling stat of BS 6(!) going in his favor. use the points elsewhere

The wardancers at 8 with command are fine, 10 is okay but starting to get unwieldy since you'll never get more than 8 in combat and you probably don't need that many ablative wounds at 18 pts each.

Housekeeping note for list 2: the spites are all unique and 1 per army so you can't take 2 clusters in an army, much less on a single branchwraith (unless you actually take the special character Drycha).