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04-07-2008, 03:01
I've been toying around with this idea of a 2000 pt infantry-predominant HE army. I don't know how effective it would be, but I think at the very least it would look cool in a display. What do ya'll think?

Alith Anar: 245
Caradyan: 175
Korhil: 140
2x 15 Spearmen with full command: 320
14x Phoenix Guard with full command: 240
15x Swordmasters with full command: 255
14x White Lions with full command: 240
8x Shadow Warriors with champion: 140
5x Ellyrian Reavers with musician: 92
3x Great Eagle: 150

Pretty much, I'd use the Shadow Warriors to put some padding between Alith and enemy shooting and with his special rules, they suddenly become very hard to shoot to death. Also, being that they're a small unit of skirmishers I could easily maneuver them away from charges and keep pelting enemy units with them.
The 3 eagles are there for mage/warmachine hunting.
The Reavers are there to charge flankers and cause trouble along the table edge and draw fire away from my other units.
Korhil and Caradyan are there mostly for coolness, but also to add some nasty CC punch to my infantry.
All of the infantry units have a fair amount of CR (2 ranks+banner), the rest should be made up by either getting a mess of spear great weapon attacks in addition to the nastiness of the characters. I plan on pointing the Phoenix Guard at the nastiest thing on the other side and hoping to get into CC with it and have Caradyan challenge. That way if he wins, awesome. If he dies, too bad, but I cause free wounds to the challenger and potentially kill it as well.
If I really wanted this to be a purely competitive army, I'd probably drop both of them to add a repeating bolt thrower and some dragon princes.. but like I said above, it's more along the lines of a cool looking army than a WAAC army.

04-07-2008, 07:00
Cool in a display definitely. Dont know about on the tabletop when it is getting beaten however.

04-07-2008, 14:43
The only real issues I see with it are it puts a lot of importance on the shadow warriors, it lacks a level of mobility that most HE armies are known for and it depends on always strike first too much.. Hell, Alith Anar could possibly put whole units of heavy calvary and Ogre equivalents down with each shot. The crazy thing is how big the army actually is: 92 models at 2000 pts. It's not skaven numbers for sure, but that's a lot of damned elves..

04-07-2008, 16:49
It can work especially if you put Korhil with the Phoenix Guard and Caradryan with the White Lions. Fear and Stubborn for both of them.

Unless you're giving the SM unit champ a few magic items don't give him FC.

And I am unsure of the 15 Spears with FC. But it adds some weight. You are however lacking in ranged capabilities. No RBTs and no Archers. Just some Shadow Warriors. Even the Reavers don't have Bows (get them bows at least). You're also losing out on Magic Defense with just a bare 2 DD.

It'd look pretty and it can probably take on an infantry-centric army and win. But it'll lose to balanced lists, like say an Empire list with some artillery and worthwhile shooting. You're also reliant on three Great Eagles and one Reaver unit for your mobile disruption. It's a goodly amount, but prone to dying relatively easily.

04-07-2008, 17:37
All very valid points. I've only got two armies I play competitively: Skaven and Lizardmen. And with my Lizardmen I've found it's better to have a proactive magic defense with high mobility units getting early charges to clear out enemy warmachines and mages. Part of me wants to continue using that approach as it has more "gumption" in it than just using dispel dice and scrolls. If anything, it feels better to just pluck out my opponent's mages as opposed to just weathering their storm. The problem I have is that for the army to appeal to me I really want each unit of special infantry with their special character in the lead. In fact, if I knew which hero it was and still had the points for it, I'd replace my Swordmaster champion with him. I just think it looks cool. If I were to expand it to 2500 or 3000 pts I'd try and add a Noble in each unit of Spearmen as well. Unfortunately, I do understand the limitations of infantry, especially T3 infantry and even more so T3 infantry with mostly 5+ armor saves.. They would not do well against typical HE counters (chariots, powerful shooting and high static CR units). But as far as appearance, I think they'd be boss