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04-07-2008, 12:54
Hello there

I've started a new army in Ogre Kingdoms and have my first tournament coming up in a couple of weeks. It's a 1k tournament and so far, the only other armies I know of at the moment are Wood Elves and Dwarves.

At the moment I have the batallion box, a box of ogres and the bruiser and butcher models and don't really have the option to get more (I can probably put together an extra 3-5 bulls and 16 odd gnoblars with the parts I have), so the list looks like this:

Great Weapon
Heavy Armour

Dispel Scroll

4 x Ironguts

3 x Bulls

3 X Bulls

3 X Bulls

2 x Leadbelchers

8 x Gnoblar Trappers

999 points

Any opinions would be gratefully received!

Also a couple of questions:

Is it worth taking the Dispel Scroll or would adding a Bellower to the Bulls units be a better move?

Are the Trappers worth it at all at this amount or are the points better spent elsewhere?

Many thanks for your help!

Baduk 'Eadsplitta
06-07-2008, 18:48
gnoblar trappers are great for marchblocking ect. but imo you should take larger units of bulls

06-07-2008, 21:59
At 1k the dispel scroll may be unnecessary (you get 3 dispel dice). A determined magic opponent will only have 3 level 2 casters at most (which would eat up an insane amount of points).

The musicians for your bulls are handy in rallying from a feigned flee but in such a small army even that may not be overly relevant.

Voodoo Boyz
06-07-2008, 22:14
Army looks really good, though 4 IronGuts is a bit much, but since this is what you have built I say stick with it (I prefer a lot more Iron Guts than Bulls, but in terms of #'s of units, not models in a unit which I almost always keep at 3 per unit w/ a Bellower).

I don't use trappers, but they are pretty handy and can really throw an opponent for a loop, especially if you know how to set it up so they flee just right and use the skirmisher rules to throw a unit way off track facing/movement wise. I suggest you read the 7th Edition Rulebook FAQ on how fleeing skirmishers work, if you don't know how it works already.

I would take Longstrider and/or the Weirdstone Necklace on your Bruiser, but it's not 100% necessary (take the wierdstone first if you have to make a choice).