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04-07-2008, 20:54
Alright, this is a revision of my previous list. I've added some missile power and some more combat potential. All of these changes are the result of a walloping I suffered at the hands of some fearsome high elves.

Mercenary General, hand weapon, heavy armor, shield, barded warhorse lance and Sword of Might
Total: 146 points
Paymaster, hand weapon, brace of pistols, heavy armor and Enchanted Shield
Total: 83 points
Hireling Wizard, hand weapon, second magic level, Dispel scroll
Total: 120 points
Hireling Wizard, hand weapon, second magic level, Dispel Scroll
Total: 120 points

Core Units

29 Pikemen, hand weapons, pikes and light armor, includes a musician, standard and champion
Total: 320 points
12 Crossbowmen, hand weapons and crossbows
Total: 96 points
12 Crossbowmen, hand weapons and crossbows
Total: 96 points
10 Duelists, hand weapons and pistols, includes a unit champion
Total: 100 points
6 Light Cavalry, hand weapons, pistols and various gunpowder armaments (count as spears)
Total: 72 points

Special Units

4 Ogres, great weapons and light armor, includes unit champion
Total: 186 points
19 Dwarfs, hand weapons, great weapons, heavy armor and shields, includes a musician, standard and champion
Total: 239 points
18 Norse Marauders, hand weapons, light armor, shields and great weapons, includes a musician, standard and champion
Total: 210 points

Rare Units

2 Cannons, crew are armed with hand weapons
Total: 170 points

Army Total: 1958 points

04-07-2008, 21:26
That's a beautifully diverse list, but I think I'd try to fit more magic defense and another shooty duellist unit into the army. My own experience with DoW against HE is that you should try to outshoot them because their troops are usually superior in hand to hand, or better said, they outclass DoW troops in every aspect. Especially since our infantry is quite expensive and relies on striking first, and HE deny that. While Norse are cool (my army never leaves home without at least one unit), I think they are not worth it against HE. They just kill the poor Marauders before they can strike with their great weapons, making them lose their frenzy and run away...I think I would replace them with knights.

I've also got one question: why does the general carry a lance and the SoM? He has to use the SoM if he's carrying it. Is that an insurance against Vauls Unmaking?

04-07-2008, 22:27
Well, the problem I had with the High Elves was that my previous list lacked any real long-range shooting. There was no real way for me to harm his Swordmasters and Chariots and they, predictably, cleaved through my battleline. I would like to get some more light cavalry in the core selection, or maybe some more duellists. DOW really do have a stupendous core selection. Choices, choices...

The Norse are there mainly because I want to make a unit of pit fighters or mercenary satyrs. They are more of a fluff selection, although the potential damage they can dish out is pretty impressive. I could see them getting mauled by magic and/or shooting, though.

Would a giant be a viable selection? I'm new to 7th edition (played Orcs and Empire in 5th and 6th), so I was wondering if they had become any less effective.

05-07-2008, 00:10
I think the problem with the marauders is not that shooting mauls them (since they are frenzied, most people don't shoot them anyway, because they don't run), but that almost any unit you could charge with them in a HE army will kill the first rank before they can strike, even or especially spearmen.

The Giant is a pincushion, I'd stay with cannons.

05-07-2008, 11:55
I think your Paymaster is vulnerable. If you mount him on a barded warhorse with a Crossbow he has 1 better save and an extra S3 attack over your current one, plus he has better range. I used to run one on foot and he just doesn't really work.

Why give your Lord the Lance? he will always have to use his magic sword. I give mine a Lance and Brace of Pistols, so when his Pegasus dies he has 5 S4 but untill it does he gets 4 S6 on the charge + 2 S4.

I'd give those Light Cav the Musician. I know its expensive for DoW and although you are using them as a Flank charger [I run spears too, much better than bows] it may prove invaluable.

I'd drop the GW on the Dwarfs, they are best for Static Res, Great Weapons really take a lot out of that.

You may as well take IronGuts rather than the normal DoW Ogres. Plus you get Impact hits against HE then.

I like the Norse unit, I run 12 with just Champ all with Great Weapons and use Mordheim Pit Fighter models. I dont really think the extra rank is needed. They just wont work at all against HE though.

05-07-2008, 17:10
The general's lance was just insurance against Vaul's unmaking. But I can see how the lance+pistols kit would be the better/cheaper/more flexible combo.

The paymaster on foot was another concession to modelling plans. I wanted to use Lord Solar Macharius as the base for a conversion of some sort. I suppose I could mount him.

I think you are right about the Dwarves. They would be significantly cheaper sans great weapons. But I can imagine them doing some nasty work on Orcs/Goblins, Skaven clanrats or Empire Swordsmen with their great weapons. I like to have the option of hitting hard or being static CR.

Should I invest in more Light cavalry or more duellists? I can see the value of both. Are Bronzino's a viable and effective option?

Thanks all for the constructive criticism.

05-07-2008, 17:11
U need a few bare bones duelists to screen.