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05-07-2008, 00:11
So was thinking about this and it might be fun but. I was wondering if we could start maybe a gaming club through this place. meaning we would start a HUGE mighty empires campaign map and several kingdoms throughout. Maybe one for each faction if we could get enough people.

I got this idea through reading about how the concil of thirteen is being re-established. and How into it those guys are.

So we could make a general map. Or even make a online map. Hell we could make a map of the entire old world.

Each kingdom would have generals which would be the actual people playing meaning YOU and your current gaming club of people. Like the buddies you play with at home Would be part of the campaign and would belong to the factions of who they play with meaning. If you play skaven you belong to the skaven faction and hence talk among each other in the forums to discuss what you want to do in the campaign. People of the campaign could tally up thier victory points to contribute to thier campaign among other members of thier gaming community. Each faction would have a different day to make a turn so people could discuss and contribute the amount of vp's they made each week and what actions they would want to make with the previous vp's they made in the past week.

Meh so what i'm proposing is the casual games that are already being played would be tallied up for a overall larger campaign that could be recorded and looked upon. I hope this stuff is making sense.

An example would be:

If your gaming club wants to be part of this larger campaign say you need a minimum of 4 or 3 players from opposing factions (friends you play with) to contribute to.

I live in california san jose, and i play undead. John my friend plays dwarves susie plays elves. we all want to become part of this larger online campaign. I would get on the forums and join the undead forums. John would join the dwaven forums. Susie would join the elven forums. In these forums you elect leaders, talk about how or what we should attack in our upcoming week.

Susie would play against me who is part of the campaign. At the end of the game i would provide a battle report. which could be as simple as stating the victory points. Immediately following my battle report susie would confirm the report.
All vp's of other undead players who fight amoung the other online campaign players are recorded. So I contribute say 300 vp's this week some guy in texas contributes 400 vp's and some guy in london contributes 500 vp's. Overall vp's for the week of the undead player would be 1200 vps. The day too contribute vp points would be on a weekly basis like monday at 12 am pst (pacific standard time) for the undead faction. Elves could be tuesday at 12 am (This could be as large or as small as we want it to get.) At the moment i'm thinking that VP's would allow energy to fuel basic turns to be taken within the larger map.

Well this is just a idea at the moment. tell me if you guys would be interested. I could make a large campaign with very specific rules with the help of you guys. Provide photos of a map or make a digital map depending. But this seems like a ton of work but lots of fun. I would need to know if you guys would be interested in starting something like this. It could be a yearly campaign as the game resets every year or something like that. If you guys have ideas on this and would like to say stuff like Jesus fishound thats a terrible idea your a dum dum doo doo head. Or wow fishound that sounds fun please respond back. any feedback on this would be grand. Plus this is in the makes so idea's on rules and whatever would be appriciated. we would have to decide on a name also so...

Maybe The warseer fantasy league??

ARG can't spell.

05-07-2008, 03:40
this idea has been bouncing around a bit recently, i rather like the idea, it would be rather fun and might stop all this complaining that Daemons are broken and VC are broken, if another army was winning each week.....