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Gobbo Lord
05-07-2008, 22:10
Here is the list i have been using at a local games club i have recently joined. I find it does really well and is a nice balanced force. See what you think.


Black Orc Warlord: Riding a Boar, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Martogs Best Basha, Biggeds Kickin' Boots, Effigy of Gork.

Night Goblin Big Boss: Riding a Great Cave Squig, Light Armour, Shield, Guzzlas Battle Brew, Wollopas One HIt Wunda.

Orc Shaman: Level 2, Waaagh Paint, Dispel Scroll.

Night Goblin Shaman: Level 1, Staff of Sneaky Stealin.


25 Orc Boyz: Choppas, Light Armour, Shields, Full Command.

25 Orc Boyz: Light Armour, Choppas, Additional Choppa, Full Command.

30 Night Goblins: Shields, Spears, Nets, Full Command.

5 Wolf Riders: Light Armour, Short Bows, Musician.

5 Wolf Riders: Light Armour, Short Bows, Musician.

Snotlings: 2 Bases


6 Orc Boar Boyz: Light Armour, Shields, Spears, Full Command, War Banner.

Orc Boar Chariot: With an extra crew member.

12 Black Orcs: Heavy Armour, Shields, Standard, Musician, Gorks Waaagh Banner.

Squig Herd: 5 Squig Herder Teams.

05-07-2008, 22:52
Why do you have two shamans when they seem to be there main (entirely?) to dispel? Taking a single scroll caddy would save some points, which is always nice. Maybe you could take a couple of fanatics and/or a few more blorcs with the saved points. Spears on the pups could come in handy too, in case they find themselves delivering a flank charge or cutting down enemy missile troops.

Your unit of Black Orcs really shouldn't have a standard if you're going to run them that small. Twelve men more or see regulates them to a supporting role, in which case the standard is redundant (the unit they're supporting will already have one). Taking one just makes the unit worth a bunch of victory points for the enemy.

How does that Giant Squig work for you? I've never seen one in action, but I'd imagine it would be fun (assuming it didn't get shot down).

Gobbo Lord
05-07-2008, 23:08
The Black Orcs actually take a flank on their own with wolf riders and snotlings. They mince up the enemies flankers, often taking them by surprise when i call the waaagh and charge with the waaagh banner for a min charge of 10 and a max of 20, so the standard helps as it gives me the magical banner and against small flank units makes you beat em by just that bit more, if i was using them as support in the main wedge of troops then i would not take it.

The Squig ive found works well. With the battle brew theres a 2/3 chance of him getting hatred (frenzy is a bonus), and if i get stupidity then so be it. But when he does get hatred (and frenzy) he is an excelent Character/Scary Thing killer.Charge it into said target, and as he is itp he can charge anything, and attack what you want to kill. Rerolling misses with strength 10 for one round really puts the hurt on anything. Plus his random movement is bad for both players as the opponent cant judge where hell be able to get to and so is i find, overly cautious. Last week on turn one i rolled three 6s and as a result he overshot the cover i was heading for. But he survived the mistake.

I think its one of those things that looks dangerous and bad on paper but when you use it it has its uses, more so than you thought.

The two shamans thing is because,, yes they are kitted out for dispelling, though not majorly. If i come against vamps or deamons (as i am this wednesday) then they are not ultimate protection, however against other armies (empire, elves etc) i find its a good balance, still a chance to get spells off and have a good dispell round. A scroll caddy is good, but i want to be casting spells with a chance of success rather than taking one goblin i know wont get a spell off the whole game on his own.. Especially with the extra dice generated when the orcs get into combat.

05-07-2008, 23:53
Do the snotlings work for you? They look terrible on paper (not being unbreakable anymore) so personally I'd drop them and buy more Black Orcs.

often taking them by surprise when i call the waaagh and charge with the waaagh banner for a min charge of 10 and a max of 20
Oh that's just nasty. :evilgrin:
Consider that idea stolen.

Gobbo Lord
06-07-2008, 00:08
I use the snotlings for two things. They are always the first thing i deploy on an extreme flank giving me a deployment advantage (deploy them and two units of Wolf Riders and your opponent has deployed three things also, you havent given your plan away, but they may have started to). I then move them to half way up the table and in the last turn move them into a table quarter i wish to contest or gain. Other players ignore them as they are rubbish and if they do gain any attention you can wave goodbye to them. I just see them as a 40 point deployment and table quarter taker. Being itp helps in this task.

06-07-2008, 00:58
Fair enough point about the Black Orcs. I can imagine how that kind of charge range would be devastating to enemy cav (or anything else) hanging around the flanks.

Maybe things are different where you play in terms of magic/anti-magic, but I very much doubt 3 lvls is going to cast more than one spell per game. Since you're paying 125 points more than you would for a single scroll caddy, I just don't see how that's a good use of points. For 110 points you could take a unit of 20 NG bowmen with 2 fanatics and lock down a flank. The latter seems like it's clearly better. At the very least, I would suggest you try taking the caddy instead for a couple of games. Rolling casting dice is fun, O&G just aren't very good at it anymore.

Gobbo Lord
06-07-2008, 01:38
I take the point of swapping a shaman for another unit of troops.

There are a few things about taking a goblin scroll caddy that just doesnt sit with me. The first is that the Big Waaagh is easier to cast with spells much more suited to helping out the army with what its good at, getting into combat and kicking tail. Two of the spells let units strike first in the next combat phase, a big advantage with all the new amries getting ASF these days. I think the book coming out first was an advantage in this regard, as the wording doesnt give the units asf (as they probably would if they were written now), it just says they strike first, no room for interpretation. Avoiding all those asf arguments i see popping up everywhere.

The second is, well, simple, a Goblin breaks if you hit it with anything, an Orc shaman is toughness 4 and strength 4 in the first round of combat so is just that little bit more enduring.

I see what your saying in that i could swap the Orc shaman for another unit of Gobbos (Believe me im tempted, last game he squabbled straight away, then exploded taking 3 orcs and the unit champion with him.). I havent had any problems with this set up so far (apart from that example), and as it is a new club im atending it seems to be on a par with other peoples lists. However this week i am up against either Vampires or Deamons and i think if there is a weakness in my magic set up it will rear its ugly head then.