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05-07-2008, 22:33
Hello everyone,

I had a thought of running some Inquisitor Marine fights in the vain of Arena of Death or the 40K Killteam mini-game but with units of 5-10 marines (probably 5 per side). I was wondering what the thoughts of people who play Inq are on the fighting system.

I know it is far more detailed than 40K so I think it would be fun having complex fights. I have to read my Inq rules to remember the details of it but what do others think of this idea? Would 5 marines per side be really complex or long of a fight? Are there some things I should exclude to streamline?


06-07-2008, 01:08
i think using space marines might be a little unecissary, surley you could just use ordinary people...besides, when would a space marine ever be in a pit fight?. i feel a more fitting structure would be a one on one training bout using only bare minimum equipment, like knives and gauntlets, in which case you would have a game based more on the characters attributes than their equipment. good idea though, keep em coming

06-07-2008, 02:10
thats true. I wasn't thinking so much of pitfighting as to a real skirmish between a killteam and chaos marines. Some of the missions for killteam would relate to this. Like some marines performing a mission as part of a larger battle.