View Full Version : Hell Pit Units in Regular Skaven Armies?

28-10-2005, 00:32
Having looked through the new Moulder list in White Dwarf, I found myself drooling over a couple of the new units. Thinking about how to use 'em and all, but I have no urge to use the Hell Pit list, mainly cuz I don't like too many of the new units, or painting giant rats for that matter...

I'm thinking specifically the Rat Ogre variants. Many a skaven player has begged for better RO's, and now there are some. But Moulder only? I shed a single tear at the injustice.

Armoured Rat Ogres, I mean, why can't any skaven army slap some pig-iron on these dudes? I'm thinking that making them a Rare Choice in a Skaven Army would be okay. Mutant and Augmented ones are a bit different, it's hard to see them just being sold, so maybe make them Rare but only if you take a Moulder character?

I'm obviously talking about friendly games here, where you can pretty much do anything, as opposed to tournaments/leagues, but I'm worried about balance issues.

As an aiside, what's with the Augmented Rat Ogres costing LESS points than the Armoured ones? They have better armour, and a higher strength. They just have 1 less Attack... does that seem right?

28-10-2005, 00:34
Look at the rules, the augmented guys are subject to stupidity ALL THE TIME. This is the points balance.

28-10-2005, 00:45
Well that would do it then!

28-10-2005, 12:48
Is the new WD out in Brittain yet?!

Please tell me as soon as possible so I can take a trip down to my local newsagents. I need this WD :p

28-10-2005, 15:49
Got me. This was in the Canada/US one.

28-10-2005, 16:26
damn =(

Hoping teh Brittish one would be out. I can never keep track of when they are relesed...

28-10-2005, 20:41
I've got it. On the other hand, I have a subscription.

28-10-2005, 21:06
Heh just a note. I believe they are released on the second last Friday of each month.

That should help you keep track. :P ,

28-10-2005, 22:43
Ah thankyou.

I stoped collecting them long ago when the content blatantly lowered in standard. But I usualy get ones that feture skaven or some other article of interest.

And judging by today being friday and the last one of the month im betting on a trip down to GW this weekend.

Get a WD and possibly a new skaven warlord...

28-10-2005, 22:46
My most common opponent plays skaven, and I would certainly have no objection to him using the rat ogres from the hell pit list. In fact, we had considered making some similar experimental rules before this came out.

Lord Anathir
29-10-2005, 01:45
i think skaven have enough goodies in their list no? so i guess one more wont hurt.

30-10-2005, 12:25
Dragging this off-topic ever so slightly: what's the deal with abberations? Are they supposed to be rat-ogre sized/on a 40mm base/unit strength 3? And how come a whirling, howling mass of jaws and claws doesn't cause fear?

30-10-2005, 19:24
And how come a whirling, howling mass of jaws and claws doesn't cause fear?

Because deep down you still feel a brief moment of sadness over the tragic and painful live of the once majestic creature.

As far as base size and US I was just assuming it was the same as Chaos Spawn...