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Chaos Knight
06-07-2008, 04:48
Hey everyone, I'm new to Warhammer and I'm needing some advice on my first army.

This is what I've came up with using the new WD list:

1x Exalted Chaos Champion of Khorne: General, MoK, Shield, Axe of Khorne 165 Pts
1x Exalted Chaos Champion of Khorne: MoK, Shield, Sword of Might, Armor of Damnation 215 Pts

11x Chosen Chaos Warriors of Khorne: MoK, 2nd Weapon, Full Command 302 Pts
11x Chaos Warriors of Khorne: MoK, Shield, Full Commmand 225 Pts
16x Marauders: Light Armour, Shield, Musician, Champion 142 Pts
16x Marauders: Light Armour, Shield, Musician, Champion 142 Pts
5x Chaos Warhounds: 30 Pts
5x Chaos Warhounds: 30 Pts

5x Chosen Chaos Knights of Khorne: MoK, Musician, Champion 280 Pts
5x Chaos Knights of Khorne: MoK, Musician, Champion 230 Pts
1x Chaos Chariot: 100 Pts
1x Chaos Chariot: 100 Pts
1x Chaos Chariot: 100 Pts
1x Chaos Chariot: 100 Pts

Casting Pool: 2
Dispel Pool: 2
Models in Army: 80
Total Army Cost: 1998

I've thought about removing one of the exalted champions to make room for a sorcerer and some dispel scrolls, but don't know if it would be beneficial enough.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Constructive criticism is much appreciated.

06-07-2008, 09:18
Hello chaos knight,

I would like to begin to say I like this list, alot of warriors and knights, they're so awesome.
I do however have some small changes in mind, I hope you won't mind.

The exalted champions: I see you put them inside units of (chosen) khorne warriors, this means that your unit will be only a little bit more powerful then if you would have used a 12th warrior, however, a 12th warrior is much more cheaper then an exalted champion. So my first advice: remove the exalted champions, better in this army would be a sorcerer with dispel scrolls as your army is prone to magic, or if you don't like that, put 1 or 2 exalted champions in the marauder units.

The chosen khorne warriors: with already 3 attacks, a great weapon would be a much better buy then a second HW, and cheaper too! You could drop the unit champion, it is a bit expensive for what it does.

The khorne warriors: Though not as much as the chosen khorne warriors, these warriors could use great weapons too.

Marauders: you might want to get the unit size up to 20 each unit, if you have the models, the marauder unit champion is an utter waste of points, even moreso then a warrior unit champion.

Warhounds: these are nice! Screen your frenzied knights with these.

Chosen knights: these are good, the unit champion is too expensive, you might want to switch it for a banner, you can also consider sticking a war banner in. Also you are off in points, the chosen knights as you put them are 260 pts.
Knights: same goes for these, switch the champion for a banner, also your points are off.

Chariots: are good :)

This looks like a fun list, I hope it will do your good, a few changes and it will kill!

06-07-2008, 12:06
Where can i get that new WD list?

06-07-2008, 13:54
Looks good, though maybe you should mount one of your characters as infantry units are easy to avoid...

The army list can be found here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/hordesofchaos/armylist/1/).

Chaos Knight
06-07-2008, 17:50
Thanks for the suggestions!

I decided that I'll drop one of my exalted champions and replace him with a chaos sorcerer with dispel scrolls.

I also removed the champions as suggested and increased unit sizes, and gave banners to the knights.

My next question is do I stick the sorcerer in a unit, or would it be better to stick him on a mount?

08-07-2008, 14:01
That is a good question, I guess this would depend on the army of the enemy.

If the enemy has things like cannons, or bolt throwers, or magic missiles, or other things from which you will want to protect your mage with by 'sir look out' you should put the mages in units, if not, I think on foot or a chaos steed would be the best choice, with better line of sight and more manoeuvrability.

For example against empire and dwarfs, you should always put them in units, these armies almost always employ cannons, vampire counts however have got no shooting or magic missiles (that I know of) so in that case lone mages would have been a better choice.

09-07-2008, 09:18
possibly lose a chariot or 2 for some deamons or a spawn

Chaos Knight
09-07-2008, 22:22
Thanks again for tips Mark ^^

possibly lose a chariot or 2 for some deamons or a spawn

Demons are no more for Mortal Chaos, at least according to the WD list that will be used until the new book is published in November. I'm currently trying to figure out how to cut back 60 points to work in a spawn (though I'd rather have 2). I'm not really wanting to cut out a chariot as I'm a bit OCD and prefer things to be symmetrical if at all possible. When I do my 2250 army they will most definately be in it.