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06-07-2008, 08:48
As promised, I'm posting my progress in a 500 map based escalation campaign (pictures of the map will be up eventually). I'm pretty sure it will tie in with the next campaign but the guy that runs it is being pretty tight lipped with the details.

The armies participating are

2 Vampire counts.
1 slaanesh daemons.
1 khorne daemons.
1 tomb kings player.
1 lizardmen player (skink heavy)
1 orcs and goblins player (spider rider heavy)2 woodelf players (dryad heavy)
1 brettonian player.
1 skaven player

Each part of the map confers special benefits upon the army holding it, the first day it started we weren't able to begin, so half the people rolled up their spots on the map and we had a 3 VS 3 battle, each with 500 points.

It was slaanesh and khorne daemons with skaven against bretonians, tomb kings and a dryad force that ended in a tie.

With a racking cough, sparks, head beast keeper of the gladiator clan Gnaw hurled the contents of his stomach over the side of the ship. The contents Which just happened to be the remains of the foolish traitor's that had dared to attack him during his latest bout of perceived sea sickness.
Sparks knew this wasn't an illness caused by any natural means, it was caused by his unfulfilled cravings, cravings for warpstone. They hadn't been able to take much on this voyage, as the chance of it detonating (or sparks simply running off with the last of the Clans stockpiles) was deemed too high by his overlord.

So he had no choice, but to sit there and wait, although an addict he had more then enough will power to resist the call to dose himself with the stone being used to power the ship or his harness or even the tiny amount he could have gathered by slaughtering every crewrat on the brass rat, for he knew well that one in every fifty skaven carried a very small trace of warpstone in their blood. His thoughts were interrupted by the blowing of the brass rats horn, they had found land, the island. Said to contain a small warpstone mine, one that had grown close to a volcano. He knew well that the warpstone that formed close to volcano's would show increased levels of volatility, perfect for use in weapons of all kinds and worth vast amounts of slaves to clan skyre.

He spat at the mere thought of their name, mighty clan skyre was it, he had slain enough of them to know that they where far from mighty. Although such things must be kept a secret, for they had happened in the dark tunnels below skavenblight, and if such a thing was ever discovered his clan would be abandoned by clan mouldar and quickly eliminated by his rivals. Unless Clan Gnaw prepared for it that was, acquired huge amounts of warpstone and got in Skyre's good books fast enough, so that when they eventually found out they could buy their way out of trouble and into relative safety (relative to the clan that would most likely be framed for their acts that was).

Time was short, clan skyre patrols had found the body of an engineer without his harness beneath the blighted marshes, deep below the worlds crust with a sword in his back, the sword once belonging to Clan gnaws former warlord. Now sparks and marrow where forced to fix the old rats mistake and would do so, whether the inhabitants of this island liked it or not.

06-07-2008, 08:49
The first battle, there are probably some mistakes and It sounds a lot easier for me then it really was. The biggest problem I had going into this battle was the fact that he had 4 combat units and I only had 2 (7 night runners can's hurt much). I had an extra 25 points due to the farm I started off with in the campaign and this all done from memory.

The lists

2 X 25 clanrats - one rattling gun, musician and standard.
2 x 6 night runners.
2 X PWG.

4X 9 dryads (I think)


Turn 1:
Whole woodelf army moved forwards.

A clanrat unit turned sideways, the PWG and some nightrunners headed for the hill. Sparks (my engineer) moved forwards and attempted to hit the dyads with a 9+ warplightning, the spell didn't go off.


WE: They moved forwards again, woodelf player appeared to be setting up for a no win double flanking situation on the left.

Skaven: Sparks cast warp-lightning and got an irresistible force, mauling a unit of dryads.


Turn 3:
WE: They moved again, the damaged unit got in front of the woodelf generals unit to prevent it from taking a well deserved helping of warplightning. The general then used his sprite to hit sparks, knocking off a wound. far right dryads moved down a bit more.

Skaven: Clanrats charged the far left unit of dryads, lost combat but managed to hold.
Sparks attempted a 9+ warplightning again but the pent up energy remaining from his last blessing of the horned rat combined with the damage he took from the branchwraiths sprite caused his warpblades to fail. He blew himself away but managed to take a few more wounds off the dryad unit.
The rattling gun drew a bead on the same dryads and left all but one standing, the poison wind globadiers threw their orbs of warspstone gas but they bounced harmlessly off of the branchwraith, leaving them more then a little nervous.


06-07-2008, 08:51

WE: Almost far left dryads hit the side of the far left clanrats, clanrats won and held. The almost far left unit was pursued and destroyed. The single dryad charged sparks old unit of nightrunners, killed 3 and they fled the field. The branchwraiths unit moved a bit and sent his sprite straight through the face of a PWG, causing the other one to release the musk of fear and move slightly to the left.

Skaven: The rattling gun opened Fire on the lone dryad but blew up, leaving a bemused dryad feeling a little silly after her self sacrifice failed (why did I roll 2 dice, grr). The far left clanrats won combat and pursued the flanking dryads, the other dryads didn't go all the way off the board.



WE: The far right dryads charged the side of my clanrats who broke and fled, just out of reach of the dryads. the other dryad moved towards the PWG's. The general charged my other clanrat block who fled (this was in case they got lucky and took the unit below half strength, I hoped they'd rally).

Skaven: The far left clanrats kept fleeing but moved 3 inch's. The other unit rallied while the nightrunners got themselves halfway up the board.

WE: The generals unit hit the rear of the clanrats who held, won combat and over ran the dryads
(much to my delight).

Skaven: Had nothing left to do but send my last unit of nightrunners into a forest and claim a table edge.

Final result was something like a solid victory/ massacre.
Me- 575
Him- 275

The next round will have real pictures and hopefully better formatting.

07-07-2008, 02:45
Sounds like fun. Waiting for more.

11-07-2008, 07:58
Okay everybody, I kind of forgot to do one this week. I had three battles in one day but my camera was dead and they needed too be fast so reporting was out of the question.

Massacre against dwarfs and brettonians with a loss to woodelves to finish it off. Next instalment will be either dryads again or VC, with a story update for the brettonians.

EDIT: So far the orcs and goblins and the brettonian player have been knocked out.

Gabacho Mk.II
16-07-2008, 18:55
Interesting. Quite interesting...

Well, I quite like the reports so far. I get the feeling that this is not gonna go well for the Skaven!:evilgrin:

Keep up the reports. You have at least one reader here!!!

18-07-2008, 06:41
Thanks to anyone thats taken the time to comment.

Versus Woodelves, Again.

"Sparks had not forgotten the set back he had suffered at the hands of the walking tree's and sought to return to his lands, he did how ever settle on a small fortifiable clearing just below the church. His generals should be able to take the clearing while he dealt with the sludge, leaving the dryads with no where to go once he finally decided to remove them from the island once and for all."

His list: 3 units of 12 dryads with a branchwraith tooled for annoying me from a distance.
My list: 2 units of clanrats, rattling gun, 2 units of nightrunners, 2 chieftains.

My camera was flat, so you only get 1 picture this week, next week I'm buying a pack of batteries and leaving them in my model bag. This was also the same woodelf general that massacred me last week, I'd learned a lot from that game.

Deployment: He deployed evenly spaced at the back of his deployment zone then put his forest in the middle of the board (slightly to the left), I deployed 2 clanrat units on a hill with my rattling gun, the gutter runners sitting on the far left and night runners in the middle of the deployment zone. Chieftains in the clanrat units.

WT1: The far right dryads moved behind the house, the middle unit behind the middle forest and the generals unit behind the left forest. He hadn't taken any magic.

ST1 : I moved the far right nightrunners forwards 7 inchs, had no magic and the rattling gun was out of range by a few inches.

End of turn 1 (http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h248/michealisemo/000_0182.jpg)

WT2/ ST2 : All dryads moved forwards, the nightrunners and gutter runners edged back a little bit.

WT3/ ST3 : The far right unit of dryads had managed to get around the house and where getting close to charging my nightrunners. The far right unit of clanrats pivoted slightly. the dryad tried to use her pageant of shrikes (I think that's the name) on my general, it hit but failed to wound.

WT4/ ST4 : The woodelf player knows how much I favour the bait and fleeing, mainly just because I think it's funny and in character for a skaven unit to stand in front of a unit, run when it charges them then laugh when the rattling gun draws a bead on the chargers mates. So he moved around the nightrunners (damn him). My rattling gun moved forwards
The far left unit that was hiding in the woods moved down, into charge range of the far left clanrats. Those clanrats charged in, while the gutter runners attempted to flank (he aligned dryads so that the gutter runners would have to hit the front, with only 6 attacks)

The branwraith raised her wooden hand and wordlessly issued a challenge, the chieften eagerly accepted and lunged at the beast but was momentarily distracted by shimmering lights, this was more then enough time for the wraith to swipe the rat out of the air, his broken body landing amongst the startled clanrats. The gutter runners used this opportunity to score 3 hits (all of which happened to be poisoned), the warpstone coated blades cleaved through bark with ease but the slightly ornate dryad had stepped aside and brained the 2 gutter runners who where too slow to move.

None of the clanrats attacks where capable of even scratching the dryads bark skin, although they hadn't killed anything either (finally some lucky rolling).
Drayads had no intention of fleeing though.

WT5: The middle unit of dryads moved into position for a flank next turn, the far right dryads came out from around the night runners. Combat saw nothing interesting happened. A few clanrats died though.

ST5 : The far right unit of clanrats charged the dryads sitting behind my night runners, the night runners moved towards the center of the board.
Shooting: The rattling gun misfired 7 shots at nothing, almost hit the nightrunners though.

Combat saw his champion challenge my general, his four attacks managed to inflict one wound and slay the champion, the clanrats seeking to imitate this also slew a dryad. The tree's responded in a rage by slaying 4 clanrats in return, the dryads broke, I elected to pursue and rolled an 11 he rolled a double 6 and I was none too happy (They would probably rally, I'd have one turns combat and then it would come down to table quarters which he would win with if he managed to get to and kill the nightrunner unit).

The last 2 gutter runners hit nothing, the clanrats killed nothing, the dryads killed 3 clanrats and his branchwraith killed one, he broke from combat and I pursued off the board (couldn't believe my luck, might be able to pull a minor victory).

WT6: The unthinkable and awesome happens, he rolls an 11 on his rally test and his dryads go off the board (they might have been slightly on but It wouldn't have mattered, I've also never seen him fail a rally test). All he does is move the unengaged unit up to claim a table quarter.

ST6 : Not all that much to do, I march the nightrunners at an angle to get a quarter, my newly arrived clanrats move to claim the bottom left quarter and we tally up the points.
It turned out to be a massacre in my favour, although I'd like to call it good generalship I did get some lucky rolls.

18-07-2008, 07:04
Versus Nurgle

"Disease had set in, but only on the edges of the skaven camp. Something was wrong however, for even as the rats removed the strange smelling sludge from the tree's it began to grow back and would be renewed by the next morning, originally he had tried to feed it to the clanrats but found it to be extremely poisonous.
This had put him an even worse mood, if they didn't find a suitable food source soon they'd starve, the brettonians and their horses should have lasted another 3 months but the black sludge had gotten into the food stores as well turning the once exotic meat into something the 'runners wanted to coat their weapons with.

The anger slowly boiled over into a rage, sparks sent the messengers to marshall a small expedition force of the rats still capable of of fighting and marched them into the woods, he was determined to find the source of this."

His list:
Herald with a pretty nasty set up, and 2 units of plague bearers 10/15
Me, 2 units of clanrats, rattling gun, 2 units of night runners, an engineer and 2 PWG.

Before I start off I should mention that although the battle looked pretty one sided based on the end result, that's usually how it is at 500 pts, also this game went very fast (lasted about 30 minutes) and it there wasn't a clear winner until the last turn. I'll add map pictures for this battle eventually.

Nt1: move: he moved everything forwards 8, tried to cast miasma of pestilence but i dispelled it.

ST1 :Move, moved nightrunners and Sparks up 7 inches, nothing else.

NT2: He move up 8 inches, attempts miasma of pestilence but miscasts, rolls an 11 which doesn't wound but takes his spell away.

ST2: Night runners move up almost behind the forest, the other squad moves behind the house, sparks walks back 5 inches then gets the basic warplightning off on a 17 at his large plague bearer unit with herald, 4 wound, he ward saves two and regenerates one. 1 plague bearer falls. The rattling gun rolls a double one, no shots are fired the gun appears to be fine.

he move forwards 8 inches again, can't cast any spells so ends his turn.

ST3: The far left night runners charge the small plaguebearers units rear but roll a 9 on their fear check (i was worried at this point, the toughness 4 was going to be hard to get through even without needing 6's to hit), the clanrats pass and slam into the front of the same unit. The far right clanrat unit shuffle back a few inches, hoping to avoid being charged.

Magic/ shooting: Sparks throws another warplightning into the heralds unit, inflicting 11 hits that turn into 3 wounds (I'm almost surprised at how hard these plaguebearers are). Shocked at the resilience he orders the rattling gun to open fire on the herald, it takes a while to start firing but finally unleashes 5 shots, none of which so much as phase the messengers of theplaguefather.

The nightrunenrs manage to kill 2 plague bearers, the clanrats to the front however manage nothing but their presence does make it hard for the plague bearers to manoeuvre. Sparks orders the clanrats to imitate the night runners but they take it too literally 2 die (that's 2 night runners and 2 clanrats)

NT4: The herald raises his head with a mischievous grin, he knows he can win this battle if the far left clanrats can't hold their ground. He slams into their flanks, his attacks and the poison emanating from his palaquin manage to slay 3 clanrats.

While the plague bearers he accompanied killed nothing. In return the clanrats do kill 1 and the nightrunners are unable to penetrate the filth that coated the plague bearers. The clanrats attempted to flee but where unable to detach themselves from the pile of their fallen brethren while the nightrunners believed they had a chance. (passed both leadership tests :))

ST4: Sparks ordered his second unit of clanrats forwards into the heralds flank, the rats bolstered by their numbers agreed with this plan and hit home, unfortunately a sticky substance emanating from the herald made it impossible for them to bring their numbers to bare (slimetrail took me by surprise, but I should have seen it coming).

The rattling gun opened up on the heralds rear but the rat holding the barrel got his finger caught and pointed it straight at the side of the far right clanrats (killing just three, thankfully, sparks made a mental note to change or beat the machines crew)

COMBAT: The tide of battle was still fierce, the combined force of wills displayed by the skaven had made the area difficult for daemons to sustain them selves and a few dissipation into the aethyr.

NT5: The herald and his palanquin where obviously starting to show weakness but no daemons where lost that turn (he rolled snake eyes on both units and had killed some clanrats).

THE REST OF THE BATTLE: Not all that much happened after that, The small unit of plague bearers was reduced to 3 and the heralds unit was stripped down to just him -1 wound, then in turn 6 the far right nightrunners moved up to claim a table quarter. the heralds grip on reality was lost and he slowly phased into nothingness.

END RESULT: Massacre in my favour, killed everything and lost half a unit of nightrunners and a fair handful of clanrats.

I now hold 3 territories, giving me an extra 50 points and a rare choice.

"As the smoke like haze released from the burnt sludge cleared, sparks surveyed the battle field, still littered with skaven corpses, at least he'd solved the food problem he thought to himself, and sent the order to return to tunnels."

28-07-2008, 14:07
Last post for a while

Unfortunately I broke my ankle last Friday (shout out to anyone else who mangled their legs in the double dragon pit at enigma in Adelaide). So I won't be able to make it in for the last few battles of the campaign.

I'm kind of dev'd because I was pretty sure I could have won with only 2 weeks left it would have come down to me against a tomb kings player whose gunline antics would have fallen to my 15 rat tunneling gutter runners of 31 poison attacks o' doom (tm).

So to finish off, thanks to anyone that read and/ or responded (through PM or directly into the thread) and I hope to do a proper battle report series some time in the future.

Gabacho Mk.II
30-07-2008, 06:03
Good writeup and thanks for your time posting it too...

Your list, at 500pts, is solid. Furthere, I do agree with you on your chances of winning this campaign. You will do better next time chap.

Good luck in the future.