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06-07-2008, 15:49
We play with low magic here : 4 to 8 dices... so my list is considered decent [and with the combos it turns out ratter high even if I use 7 power and 4 dispel]... also, we don't use special characters much

anyway, tell me what you think

1 - Vampire Lord, Magic level 3, Crown of the damned, Skull Staff, Master of the Black Art, Lord of the dead, Dread Knight
445pts, goes in a unit of skellies... down side is the risk of madness from the crown... but I find it ratter thematic [hence "the mad"]. cast all with a +1, +2 if raising skellies... that's skelly raising with value 5 to 8! ratter hard to dispel with only one dice!


2 X 1 - Corpses cart with Balefire
2 X 100pts = 200pts : allow me to control the enemy's magic phase more easily, even though I lack dispel dices

2 X 12 - Skellies, spears, Full command
2 X 128pts = 256pts, each side of the last skellies

1 X 10 - Skellies, spears, Standard, champion [no musician sadly]
106pts, center unit, with the vampire in it


10 - Black knights, Full command, Royal standard of strigos
315pts, heavy hitting cavalry, fallowed by a vargulf for flanking maneuver... MOST IMPRESSIVE so far : once, I simultaneously downed a dragon and a cavalry of dragon princes with one of these while...

10 - Black Knights, Full command, Banner of Barrow
325pts, ... while the other took another cavalry of dragon princes and a squad of spearelves!


2 X 1 - Varghulf...
2 X 175pts = 350pts... what's to say : they are just like my morning cereals... there GGGRRREEEAAATTT! ... plus they smell like a rotten tiger too! :D

Power dice : 7, mostly cast with +1 or +2
Dispel dice : 4, dispelled with +1 while mostly enjoying a -1 or -2 to the enemy's casting value

Total : 1997pts

06-07-2008, 17:39
Ain't you lacking a core choice to make your armylist legal?

06-07-2008, 18:12
well... actually... as it is written on page 88 of the VC book, and like it is in most army list... for the last 2 or 3 editions ... no, I don't lack any core since it's a 2000pts army list... meaning I require 3+ core... and 3 squads of skellies (2X 12 + 1 X 10) = 3

06-07-2008, 18:19
I doubt you have enough magic with just one vampire. Even with 5 dice + 2 pool that is ALL you got to raise three units of < 15 models that can get obliterated on turn 1 by a fair share of armies. Drop some knights to take another casty vamp mabie or just bank on the knights to break things.

07-07-2008, 13:13

2 X 12 - Skellies, spears, Full command
2 X 128pts = 256pts, each side of the last skellies

ah sorry sorry sorry, I didn't read 2 x 12, oops my fault.

Baduk 'Eadsplitta
07-07-2008, 17:50
i like the 2 vargulfs but imo skelles without spears would be better and u save pts

08-07-2008, 09:37
I agree, skellies w/o spears are better. However, I prefer ghouls to skellies any day.

Lord Khabal
08-07-2008, 09:49
Agreed. lose the spears or the skellies! If using ghouls (works really good with the corpse carts) use the ghoulkin power.