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06-07-2008, 18:41
hi this is a simple thread i would liek to know wat armys can do msu and work on gettign flank charges and the like, i would like to win in the move phase (least amoutn of dice rolling) wat i mean is bye out manovering i win the game rather than brute force or shooting or magic( i now you have to do 1 of them to get some kills to win), i like how wood elfs work but my i dont like them and my bro playes them so i would like any other army sujestions

06-07-2008, 18:54
Wood Elves is basically it. Mabie Mortal Chaos (wait for new book IMO), Beasts of Chaos (not sure exactly how they play as i've never even played them), mabie even the new Demons of Chaos...or perhaps high/dark elves as well.

But as far as what you want: MSU army that wins in the movement phase Wood Elves take the cake.

06-07-2008, 19:00
Lots of armies can play MSU. Ogres are an example of an army that really comes into their own with MSU. In fact, they are really not effective are large ranked units at all, and have to rely on MSU to become effective.

06-07-2008, 19:29
High elves, Ogre kingdoms, dark elves and daemons can all use MSU to good effect.

06-07-2008, 20:00
Same with VC and or course LM Southlands. T.K. can do nice cavalry based lists.

Southlands and Dark elves are the best MSU armylists I've seen.

Southlands run a really powerful MSU with skink horde + MSU kroxigors + magic heavy. The list is so good because it makes strong use of all the phases of your turn. And its really good at surpressing phases of your opponants turn.

Dark rider based DE lists are my favorite lists to watch on the table top, they're so fast its crazy.

06-07-2008, 20:58
thx ill look into the sujested armys