View Full Version : 2250 Lizards - Trying to use blocks!

Voodoo Boyz
06-07-2008, 22:35
To be honest I just want to be able to use a block of infantry and not have it be terrible. I realize they will take more work to use right, but I think the rest of the support in the army is good enough to give me the tools to make it work.

I'm hoping that with the Cold Ones in the units will give me the power to beat the **** out of Undead units while not having to worry about auto-breaking from fear. Honestly VC are my #1 concern 90% of the time but I think with 6DD, the equivalent of 3 Scrolls with a 75% chance to end one magic phase I use the cube I should be good enough to take them down.

Oldblood - 285
Enchanged Shield
Sword of Might
4+ Ward vs. S5 Attacks
Cold One
Spawnings - Iztl (ride cold one), +1DD, +1 Scaly Skin Save

Skar Vet - 190
5+ Ward
Cold One
Spawnings - Iztl (ride cold one), +1DD

Skink Priest - 140
Level 1
Mark of the Old Ones
Cube of Darkness

Skink Priest - 115
Level 1
2x Scroll

18 Saurus Warriors - 246

18 Saurus Warriors - 246

10 Skinks - 60
10 Skinks - 60
10 Skinks - 60

3 Kroxigors - 174
3 Kroxigors - 174

3 Terradons - 105

3 Sallamanders - 195
3 Sallamanders - 195



07-07-2008, 11:16

I'd drop the oldblood, and make the other unit of sauras 20 strong with the Itp spawning.

With pts saved I'd take an extra kroxigor for each unit and a Jaguar Scar Vet. 4 Kroxigor are a real threat, 3 can be beaten.

With 2x4 Krox and 2x3 sallies I think the list is still very hard. I'd take a steg over 1 unit of sallies, but that's just me, the sallies probably still are the better option.

Andrew Luke
07-07-2008, 16:10
I like the Fear causing idea. Fear wins out over ITP in my book, because ITP means you can't flee, and their may be a time when you want that block to flee, beleive it or not ;). Also, the dual Cold-one led blocks will look very cool if done right. I might drop the Oldblood down to another scar vet, just to get the points for more krox's as tanka mentions.

07-07-2008, 16:58
but I think the rest of the support in the army is good enough to give me the tools to make it work.


To be honest I like your over supporting your rank and file. The list good aliitle strung together with to many support options taking over a major theme of the army which is rank and file.

To be honest you can run skink + saurus and play a farely good list.

Skinks are a primary support unit, theyre a gift from heaven to your saurus units.

Think about running 5 sauru 3 deep with a skink meat shield.

2 x 3 salamanders is just over kill.

Carve out points from your character slot if you really want to make an effective rank and file LM list imho. Something like 3 veterans with +dispel dce and GWs .... one with the jaguar charm for heavy cavalry hunting, keep it cheap but effective.