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07-07-2008, 02:27
I've always liked this guy. While most blood angels players dig someone like Mephiston i have always had a soft spot for Tycho. He has a cool background and i love his model too. I never really got a proper army together in 2nd and come 3rd i started some Dark Eldar and some Chaos (Night Lords). I'm thinking of having another crack at Blood Angels since that is where i started.

Anyway to cut to the chase do any people know some good places to read about Tycho and Armageddon and stuff. I'm no whiz on the computer/internet so i have struggled to find anything. I'd like to make a nice fluffy blood angels army with Tycho leading it (at about 1500 points or so). He seems to get overlooked by, well, everyone. His rules in the current codex don't even have digi-lasers which just seems wrong. Compared to the other special characters he seems to have been ignored, though for his equipment he is pretty cheap.

So any suggestions or pointers would be much appreciated.
Anyway thanks in advance for the help.

07-07-2008, 02:43
I'd say your best bet would probably to check out the Lexicanum.

07-07-2008, 03:57
Here (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Tycho) is some info.


07-07-2008, 09:56
Codices are good, like "angels of death".
Beware that he don't have any invulnerable save in the V4 codex, he is not a CC caracter.

It appears that his fluff have put him in the DC in Armageddon, no new since then, when he fought an army alone...Maybe he died, maybe not.
But if he really got DC, he wouldn't come back from it, since only Mephiston won the fight against black rage and red thirst :)

07-07-2008, 10:20
Tycho is a great "character" character (heh) to put on the table, but he wont do anything for you. Under 4th edition he was a joke, but in 5th he is slightly improved due to the rule changes on Preferred Enemy.

Poor Tycho, the hero who slayed many a giant ork nob and warboss, goes into battle with a combi-melta and and a shaking fist. No digi-lasers in sight, as you said. Apparently, Salamander's Chapter Master Tu'Shan who joined the Blood Angels with his firedrakes back to Baal as an honor guard to Tycho is becoming an uber-badass in the new Marine dex.

I just think Tycho is a good example on how you can take one of the more famous 40k things and suck the life out of it with this little mini-dex. Flashes of brilliance with Mephiston, but not much else there. I love how Tycho was a good showcase of the "doomed noble warrior" fate the Blood Angels have. After all, he is one of the few characters in 40k who has actually flat out died. Hell, even Eldrad somehow managed to live in his latest mess. I really would like to see more of their doomed fate, yet defiance to it reflected in their tabletop characteristics once again.

07-07-2008, 10:42
Tycho is just flat out amazing.

i dont care that he doesnt have a cc weapon he is still just a badass and quite possibly my favourite 40k model when i use him he usually even misses with his melta gun shot but i still take him. because hes awesome, and when he does take someone out it makes it that much cooler.

07-07-2008, 11:07
Tycho is one of my prefered BA characters, and I always took him other the others as my army general when I played BA.

However hes dead and gone, sad to say... unfortunately my brother doesn't seem to realise this and keeps trying to set up a campaign to bring him back....

07-07-2008, 13:28
Tycho is awesome. He was the first BA character model i ever bought and i always drag him out for apoc games.
Unfortunately he is dead fluffwise, but he's still incredibly cool, he also makes an appearance in the blood angels omnibus novel, in the short story between Deus Enc. and Deus Sang.
Im hoping he gets a decent rewrite whenever the BA codex gets its own new book

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