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07-07-2008, 02:12
Okay so some background first. We are now playing with "random" armies. So we make up 2 lists and randomly roll to see which one we play. I was going between Skaven and Lizards. I would be facing either Orcs or High Elves. At the last minute I threw together a wood elf army as an experiment. I am just starting them and this would be my third game were I to roll them. SO of course I rolled the WE. I had created a list that was supposed to be able to handle 2 very distinct armies. Not sure i had the best list, but I needed to try some things. So comment as you like on my list in a general sense (there were some flaws) but remember I could NOT tailor it to fight orcs or HE but had to be able to take both. So please don't tell me what would have worked better against orcs. :)

My list:
Movari the Noble Spear 75
Annoyance of Netlings 25
Murder of Spites 25
Great Weapon 4

Sniper of the Crags 75
Hunters Talon 25
Pageant of Shrikes 25
Spellsinger Oseus 90
Level 2 35
Dispel Scroll 25

15 Glade Guard 180
8 Glade Guard Scouts
Banner of Saemrath 161

20 Eternal Guards
Full Command 270

10 Dryads 120

3 Hawk Riders 120

3 Treekin 195

10 Waywatchers 240

Treeman 285


So it wasn't until writing this up that I relaized I had paid too much for Movari. I had 25 pts to spare, which could have meant 2 extra dryads or glade guard. Well, next time I guess.

His list:

25 Orc Boys w/black orc war boss
25 big uns with black orc warlord (with 4+ ward)
20 goblin archers (too meet core requirements, but really annoyed me)
25 Black Orcs
25 Black Orcs
All units had full command
Rock Lobber Giant

NOT at all a list I wanted to face once I saw what he brought. Lots of low strength attakcs against higher toughness and better armor, as well as big blocks. Woudl have to play real well to do this.

07-07-2008, 02:33
I am writing the battle in a separate post as I have now accidentaly left the page twice and lost all my write up. Smart thing would be to put in word then copy and paste I guess, but I'm not a smart man, Jenny.

So here goes:

Set up had a hill in each of our deployment zones, opposie corner. We had 2 forests just off center, towards my zone on my left and towards his on my right of center. He was very smart and placed only a hill and one piece of impassable on my left, middle of the table. I had a very nice funnel though down the center he would have to come through to get by the forests. or split up and go around them.

I placed my EG dead center, down that channel. To their right went Treekiin the warhawks. To the left went treeman then dryads. GG archers went on hill to my back left. His rock lobber went in corner oppoite them. My waywatchers ended up right in front of the rock lobber, in the open. To their right, opposite the dryads and facing the forest hiding my dryads was black orc unit 1 (bo1). The Big uns (BU), Black Orc 2 (BO2), Orcs, Giant and goblin archers on a hill in the back, my right.

We had bo1 just off the waywatchers, BU opposite dryads and treeman (yay!), bo2 opposite the EG and Orcs opposite treekin. The giant was across from the warhawks but had a forest just to its left that would soon be in its way. Glade guard scouts went in the forest there.

Turn 1
Wood Elves take the advantage and move first. Set up was looking okay for me. I moved the waywatchers up and killed 2 of three crew on the Lobber. GG on hill killed 3 from BO1 wiht some miraculous shooting and poor armor saves. My cneter stayed put. Glade guard scouts moved past giant, out of charge arc and in position to shoot from behind next turn. Warhawks moved out of giant range, I thought, but in rnage to charge wither orcs when giant moved or goblins next turn. Then I mad emy first mistake. Remember kids, always go with your first answer. i decided to mulligan and pulled back the scouts to pot shot the giant. Why? I really have no idea. Stick to the plan kids. Needless to say 8 shots from them and 3 from the hawks did nothing to the giant. I was now in the giants charge arc, and worse lined up so if I fled i would go through the hawk riders. My magic was shut down so I could not get the forests in front of the giant. So on his turn he charges, the glade guard run. Probably should have attempted to stay, but didn't expect the worst. Rolled a 4 to run, they were destroyed. The warhawks now panicked as well, and owuld leave the battle on turn 2 after failing to rally. The rest of his stuff moved up with the rock lobber falling way short of its mark. His shaman miscast and took a wound. Would have been nice except my sniper had failed to hit or wound him on my turn.

Turn 1 went to the orcs.

Turn 2 was relatively uneventful. NOthing really happened in magic ecept another miscast by the orc. He was no frenzied and stupid. The waywatchers and GG kept luring BO1 away form the battle, taking off another 3 or 4 in shooting. Sniper missed with Hunters Talon and Pageant of Shrikes on the shaman. Everythign else moved forward with a waagh that only had them shuffle an inch or two on each unit. Giant started making his way around the forest to get to my rear ranks.

Turn 3

So heres where real life, army inexperience and over confidence doomed me. I declared a host of charges. Dryads and treemen went to the untouched BU. EG charged the BO2 (untouched) and the treekin charged the orcs. I failed miserably in combat. Between the dryads and the treeman I killed 2 orcs and lost combat by 4. Dryads ran, treeman (yay stubborn 8!) stayed on to fight. Eternal guard did some wounds but lost by 1. Stubborn again though, they stayed. Treekin... here we go. 9 attacks. 5 hits. 2 wounds. Needed a 3 to wound on 5 dice and only got 2??? Grr....They too lost by 4 after taking a wound. They ran... and were chopped down like little pansy dandelions. I rolled a 12 on my break and a 4 or 5 on run away... dammmit! lol Again my magic does nothing. In shooting I did manage to finally panic the BO1 and they never recovered, exiting next turn. On his turn 3 he moved his Orc unit to rear charge my EG command unit. However in his combat things went bad. Etefnal guard did a couple wounds and didn't take any, but still lsot on static cr. They were fine. The treeman was now alone against the big uns and general. Big uns did nothign, general with GW (armed to da teef is nice btw) did 2 wounds ot the treeman. In a leafy fury, if that's possible, the treeman swings all 5 times at the general. Hits 5 times. WOunds 5 times. 5 failed ward saves alter and 1 smushed up black orc general. However I love combat res by (2 wounds, 3 ranks, banner, numbers) and proceed to fail my break test. Of course I run... 4 inches! It's my magic number of the night. He is caught and destroyed.

Turn 4
GOing into turn 4 I now have 8 way watchers in position only to charge the rock lobber, 15 glade guard who need
reform to hit anything. A fleeing dryad unit. And an Eg unit with Black orces 20 string fighting to the front, orcs ready to charge the rear and big uns reforming to charge the side. The dryads fail to rally and we call it there.

07-07-2008, 02:55
Great game, but frustrating. Just couldn't get by the armor and toughness. really should have done mroe damage that first round with dryads and treeman. I may try a game or two with out the treeman. I know he's nasty, but the last 2 games e's been held up really well and hasn't been able to do a lot. If I had been smart i would have moved him to use his strangling roots. Just completely forgot about them. And I get overconfident with the treeman, expecting him to wipe things out easily. Also forgot the sniper 1 turn, nto like his stregth 3 bow was doing anything. SHould have had the arrows that cause panic, or the 3d6 hits arrows. I should have had a BSB. No doubt. Would have made all the difference. I am tryign to play with less characters (see no lords at 2k and 3 total characters) in order to try more units. I also need ot untilize my flyers better. Still unsure on them. My plan had been to split him up and pick him apart. But after seeing how hard it was to hurt him and my right flank crumbling I kind of lost focus. At that point as well the game was starting 3 hours late, we had to break for dinner after my turn 1 and we had 2 5 year olds fighting over the 360 and 2 wives asking when we'd be done. That kind of forced me into moving into combat quicker then I should have or wanted to, but I thought it would be okay. Instead of funneling him and picking him apart little by little I met him almost staright on and played ot his army strength, not mine. An "all" black orc army is pretty nasty. Animosity really had little effect. He only failed 2x and I couldn't take advantage of it as my shooting had to focus elsewhere. We will rematch soon, and hopefully I will roll a different army. lol This one is not really equipped fror that many t4 models.

Thanks for reading!

07-07-2008, 03:56
that was fun to read, O&G are my fav and if i start a second army i've been thinking WE tbh, no WE players around where i live so this was cool to read although weird hearing it from the elf side, rock on man

07-07-2008, 04:27
Thanks. It goes to show you the strengths of the O & G. They can always suprise you. of cours ethis list was designed to minimize animosity, usually the achills of orcs. But in our group of 4 two of the players are main orc players and they both play differently with different armies. I;ve faced them probably a hundred times, if not more over the last 10 years. This is the first time they've ever just stomped me. So I was not too upset. :) still a good record. And it's nice to be surprised and know not to take anything lightly in Warhammer.

The Red Scourge
07-07-2008, 04:36
The Hail of Doom Arrow is pretty much mandatory for Wood Elves – preferably on an Alter with Helm of the Hunt.

Along with that. Most Wood Elf armies is filled to the brim with Fast Cavalry. Glade Riders and Wild Riders, while scouts are hardly ever seen. The fast cavalry can march block like the scouts AND they can deny ranks.

Also Wardancers... Considered the best unit in the entire arsenal.

Eternal Guard.. Hardly ever used. WE are about flee-baiting, combined charges and generating kills. You need fast cavalry and hard hitters, which EG aren't.

Hope you can use this.

07-07-2008, 04:53
Actually so far I have found Eg to be very effective. PLus I have 2 units of them. lol
I have not used any cavalry as Im not sure where they will fit in yet. I may drop treekin and treeman next time to use cav. I think I am over the scouts with the anti marching banner. It worked to perfection the first game showed how easy it can be to counter. I ams till working on developing what I like but while I thought I'd be great playing at 1500 or 2000 I find myself wishing for that extra few hundred at 2250 or 2500. I just can't sacrifice the troops to add a lord or cut something else. Treekin have also got one more game of use before they are shelved for a while. Again, first game they tore things up, last 2 have done nothing. SO I defineitly need to try something new, but not knowing who I was fighting I went with the "safe" choices I had used before. Nice to know about the wardancers. I just need more models before i am using them. right now them and waywatchers are being combined to be a unit of one or the other and I had never used WW before today.

07-07-2008, 08:20
I also think elves can only have one sprite, only forest spirits can have more.

11-07-2008, 10:37
As far as I can intepret they can have 2. Now they can't have 50 pts of spites AND 50 points of magic items. As a certain recenlty released army can do with bloodlines and items, but I won't mention any names. :) lol

14-07-2008, 08:05
I'm sorry, but thats a pretty terrible woodelf list. Its not very hitty, or shooty, or magicy, or very numbers heavy (as heavy as woodelves can be atleast haha). Don't think the sniper hero is all that great. 15 is a very awkward unit for Glade guard, try and make the points for two units of 10 instead. What really does the killing for woodelves are dryads and wardancers. Try and atleast getting two units of 8 dryads, relatively cheap.

15-07-2008, 15:02
Well don't hold back. Terrible? Not so sure about that. I agree with splitting the Glade Guard but I am happy with the rest. I am probably almost done with the GG scouts as mentioned. Some of this is still very experimental and I think the sniper probably has one more game with this combination. I've use dhim in the [ast with the panic causing arrows (starfire?) but figured against he (high leadership) or orcs (high t) I wouldnt be causing wounds or panic checks with it. Thanks for the response though.