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07-07-2008, 12:22
Hello, I recently played a 2K game against Vampires which turned out in a draw so I wish to have my list reviewed by fellow Warseers. Before stated, I refuse to take a Greater Daemon in 2000pts due to it being over 1/4 of my army composition (minimum, and maxed costs near all of the heralds put together).

To begin;
Slaanesh herald - Lv1 - Many armed monstrosities (+2 attacks) - 190pts

Slaanesh herald - Bsb - Great Standard of Sundering (-2 to cast from 1 lore) - Siren Song (Enemy unit must either charge of flee) - 190pts

Tzeentch herald - lv2 - Power vortex (+1 pd to main army pool) - 145pts
Tzeentch herald - lv2 - Power vortex - 145pts

Total points - 670 pts

20 Slaanesh Daemonettes - Full co - 270pts
10 Slaanesh Daemonettes - 120pts
10 Slaanesh Daemonettes - 120pts
10 Pink Horrors - Standard - Icon of sorcery (+1 to cast for the unit) -147pts
10 Pink Horrors - standard - Icon of Sorcery - 147pts

Total points - 804pts

5 Screamers - 150pts
5 Screamers - 150pts
6 Flamers - Pyrocaster - 225pts

Total points - 525pts

Overall Total points - 1999pts
Power dice - 11 (Plus +1 to cast for the horror units (only))
Dispel dice - 7 (Plus -2 to cast)

The Screamers did brilliantly as did the Flamers, but I am unsure about the composition of my core units? Should I include less core and more Special/Rare? Should I scrap Slaanesh all together and go full Tzeentch (or visa versa)?

All criticisms will be taken into note, and hope you enjoy commenting :)

07-07-2008, 20:51
90% of your consistent hitting will be done at strength 3?
10% will be done at strength 4 (not counting flamers for combat as thats not what you will be using them for).
Magic is too unreliable to be counting on for the high strength hits.
That's the major problem with Slaanesh lists, they don't have any hard hitters and your Tzeentch allies aren't really helping you out in that respect. It's impossible now to do a good mono god list and difficult when you limit yourself to 2 gods.
You might consider branching out a bit and taking a wider variety of troop choices if your playing competitively. I would suggest:

reducing the block of 20 slaanesh to 15
dropping a unit of 10 slaanesh
dropping a unit of screamers
Adding 2 X 5 flesh hounds for some punching power

lose 1 static CR, 10 * S 3 attacks, 5 * str 4 attacks
gain 20 * S 5 attacks