View Full Version : Would this be a good army?

07-07-2008, 23:14
Hey all, while I'm not new to the universe of Warhammer, or 40k, I was wondering if this army I thought up would be any good both in terms of competitiveness, and plausibility.

Basically, what I was thinking was a drop troops (don't leave!) army, consisting of Air dropped Sentinels with Lascannons for Anti-Tank support, and taking the veterans doctrine. Mostly, the part that concerned me was my possible use of Space Marine scouts as Imperial Guard veterans... I plan to outfit them as they are (albeit with a few special weapon conversions) and infiltrate them.

My standard infantry would simply be Airborne themed, foot-slogging and possibly making use of Cameleoline cloaks (since most of the cover saves in 5th edition will be 3+ with this :) ).

Would it be wise to make use of as few tanks as possible? I thought perhaps I should use the Catachans codex to make my men a bit stronger, but it would definitely take away from the Airborne Regiment feel I'm going for. I'm willing to use tanks if I can't make do without them, but if it's possible I would rather not.

Thanks in advance.

07-07-2008, 23:21
Ugh....drop troops, eh?

Well, your concept sounds a bit weird. I guess what you're talking about is basically one of the most classic drop troops army setups, maybe with chameloine to make things more expensive. Don't use the Catachans rules because it would totally mess up the theme of your army and, even worse, the theme of Catachans. Op top of that, it wouldn't help your "ingame effectivity" much.

If you go for this often (often, often) tried and tested drop troops scheme, what exactly do you need those sentinels for?

Last, but not least, Veterans don't wear carapace armour, SM scouts do so don't use the miniatures, I suggest. Plastic Scout heads are ugly as sin anyway.

Generally speaking, you don't need tanks that desperately.