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09-07-2008, 18:38
first translation error in the german edition: in the mission section, eng. version says place a "marker/counter on the table" or name a "point in a terrain feature". german edition lets you choose "a terrain feature" as objective (the whole thing not a point). just like in cityfight where you capture whole buildings.

now thousands of german 40k players will learn the wrong missions, until they take part in tournament with english rules...

good job GW-Translators!!! ;)

greetings Badger

09-07-2008, 18:39
Perhaps it was done on purpose....


09-07-2008, 19:11
To be honest its only the first that matters. Or do you really belive they came up with the statserrors for fiends and bloodcruhers on their own ?:D

09-07-2008, 19:14

I got another one under the FnP rules in the german version it says "every weapon ignoring armour save....including ap 1, ap 2 etc." AFAIK in the english version its says only ap 1 and ap 2 weapons ignore FnP, but in the german book you can argue by RAW that any weapon can ignore FnP as long as the ap of this weapons ignores the targets armour save. :rolleyes:

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09-07-2008, 19:27
eng. original text:

"neither can it be used against wounds from ap1 or ap2 weapons, power weapons and any other wound against which no armour save can ever be taken (like powerists, DCCW, rending, perils of the warp, dangerous terrain test, etc.)"

so its in the eng. version aswell but the arguing will fail, because ap3 weapons are not "which no armour save can ever be taken " weapons.

one other thing is in the multiple combat section(first paragraph):
in german its in "base contact", in eng. "engaged"! i have argued with yakface from dakka about it and it realy should be in base contact so its not a mistake but a correction! :)

greetings Badger

09-07-2008, 19:40
Give them a break. They can barely make the rules clear in their native tongue and you expect them to make a perfect translation!!

09-07-2008, 19:49
what i expect are translation errors! they have done it in most (if not every) publication i have ever read (GW ones that is...).

i have opened this thread to point them out, diskuss them, make fun about it and show those(without eng. rules) german 40k playing groups what they did not have to learn.

because we are all in the 5th edition learning stadium its better to learn the right rules from the beginning!!!

greetings Badger

09-07-2008, 19:54
Give them a break. They can barely make the rules clear in their native tongue and you expect them to make a perfect translation!!

Absolutely not. Take this from a translator (who married another translator, who concurs with the following claim):

Any translator worth his or her salt, given half-way decent allowances of time and resources, and provided an adequate understanding of the subject matter, should be able to significantly improve not only the style but also the clarity of any text, which in translation, while not being a word-for-word translation, will retain all the information of the original. If you can't you either suck at your job or suffer from ****** working conditions.

09-07-2008, 20:03
The problem is that the guys who translate the GW publications are not professional translators, but the WD team. They get things wrong and the style is nothing to write home about; it could be much better.

09-07-2008, 20:14
However, the only thing that the german WD team nowadays does is translating stuff.

09-07-2008, 20:24
There is an other cool one: Page 116 in the subtitle of the description of terra.

"Gesegnet sei seine Authoritšt, hier residiert der Geilige Imperator."

While 'geilige' is not strickly a correct word, the senctence pretty much says:

Blessed be his authority, here resides the randy Emperor. :D

09-07-2008, 20:31

Should have been "Heilige", right? "Holy"?

Thanks, that made me laugh.

09-07-2008, 20:46
i dont have the exact words: but the subtext from the cover is wrong to:

"in the far distant future there is only war"

"in ferner zukunft kann es keinen frieden geben" -> "cant be peace" is not "only war"

but those are not rules relevant things! if you can find wrong rules not spelling things, please post them here.

i would like to see some errors from other languages aswell (there are spanish and french versions arent they?).

greetings Badger

09-07-2008, 21:06
@Stahly: does not help, though. Even a lot of people who've studied English suck at translations, that's why there is a whole 4 year course of studies devoted to translations alone.

Gesegnet sei seine Authoritšt, hier residiert der Geilige Imperator.

What ticks me off more is not the Geilige, which is clearly a, albeit very funny, typo, but the orthography. Authority = Autoritšt, the German word does not include an H.

10-07-2008, 07:00

Now I am REALLY glad I decided to order my gamers edition from GW UK instead of the german version. :D
The "geilige Imperator" one made my day.

But really, judging from the latest mistakes in the Ork and Demon codices, this was to be expected, as Badger pointed out.

10-07-2008, 08:26
Hahaha, ishould get the spanish version, its probably a laugh. didnt alessio cavatore start out as a translator for GW?

10-07-2008, 09:13
A very Interesting mistake was made(i think) on page 48.
In the english text it says, that an IC in his retinues counts as upgrade charakter until the retiunes is killed. that would mean you can not pic an IC out of his retiunes in CC.

the german text just leaves out the upgrade charakter.

could someone check on that please?

10-07-2008, 11:35
Hahaha, ishould get the spanish version, its probably a laugh. didnt alessio cavatore start out as a translator for GW?

Yeah, that's my understanding, but I also thought he was Italian.

10-07-2008, 11:54
Another mistake in the German book is in the vehicle damage section. The English text allows troops that disembark from a shaken vehicle to shoot. (....not shoot from the vehicle).

The German text omits the "from the vehicle" part, so they may not shoot even if they are not in the vehicle anymore. That's quite a biggie.