View Full Version : The Crypt-Court of Mhorkia (2000 Points)

10-07-2008, 01:04
Right i already have 2K of balanced vampires and i want to expand on this by adding a large strigoi contingent, for variation and to ally with for legendary battles. It is semi-ghoul spam but not full on.

Lord Mhorkia the Decrepit-Vampire Lord, Extra Level, Supernatural Horror, Summon Ghouls, Walking Death, Infinate Hatred, Sword O' Battle, Bloody Hauberk-405 (putting him on an ogre base, big vampire!)

Vlitsten, Keeper of the Crypt-Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Black Periapt-165 (joins Mhorkia in the biggest ghoul unit)

Sventlir, the Gatherer-Vampire, Avatar of Death, Summon Ghouls, Powerstone-155

Hsarnut, the Sentient-Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, Cadaverous Curiass-160

Unearthed Throng-30 Zombies, Standard, Musician-132
Unearthed Throng-30 Zombies, Standard, Musician-132

13 Ghouls-Ghast-112 (Mhorkia and Vlitsten go here, Mhorkia taking up 4 spaces)
11 Ghouls-Ghast-96 (Sventlir goes here)
11 Ghouls-Ghast-96 (Hsarnut goes here)

Crypt Hounds-6 Dire Wolves-48
Crypt Hounds-6 Dire Wolves-48

Hunters of the Sky-5 Fell Bats-100

Brother Klavmir-Vargulf-175
Sister Klasmir-Vargulf-175

Army Total-1999


Yes, so my dear vampiric overlords, this is mainly for modelling but hopefully it is somewhat competitive or able to hold it's own.
Is it any good?

10-07-2008, 19:36
noone at all?
hhmmmmi must be incredibly boring

11-07-2008, 01:37
It's not a bad list, though I do have some suggestions.

The Book of Arkhan is the best magic item in the list. Drop something (the powerstone, probably) to take it.

Sventlir really doesn't need summon ghouls. He only generates one die. It's not really worth it to take summon ghouls or LotD unless you're level 2+.

Your vampire lord probably doesn't need to cause terror, as you've already got two terror causers. I think he would be better off dropping Terror and Walking Death to pick up Master of the Black Arts instead. That would allow you to drop a vampire (hero) and free up an enormous amount of points. You need more ghouls, and that would allow you to take them. You just don't have enough magic to raise a whole army.

Zombies don't need standards or musicians. They will never win combat. Ever.