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Tanith Ghost
28-10-2005, 19:04
The prisiners were arranged in formation on the prison tarmac, awaiting the barge that would take them to the warzone. An ice wind blew over them mercilessly, bringing traces of snow. The tempature was down in the area of
twenty negative outside the compound, and just under freezing inside.

Seemingly unmoved by the cold or wind, Commisar Grit inspected the regiment. At an imposing '6 "4, and heavily built, the Commisar seemed to demand respect from his peers, and outright terror from these wretches.
With a jagged scar across his right eye and the eye itself a lidless whte orb,
few could meet his gaze.

He began the indoctrination after a few minutes of letting the prisoners freeze. "I am Commisar Grit. You scum now have the honor of serving me.
We will be, in a short time, embarking for a warzone. In this warzone, you will be proving yourselves worthy of his forgiveness, be it in life or in death.
This test of worht begins now. There will be no rest until you are situation on the transport barge. The barge-" Grit was interupted when a prisoner broke ranks and ran. The pistol arm came up seemingly from nowhere and a bolt pistol fired. The runner fell flat on his face. There was a murmer of alarm, until Grit roared for quiet. A few of the more attentive prisoners noticed the bolt pistol had been fired in the air.

Grit walked over to the man on the ground. "There is no blood here because I did not kill this gutless pile of dung. He will not have it so easy as to die or escape. He will be made to face his fear in battle." A servitor approached. "Manacle this man and place him back in formation." He turned back to the prisoners in general. "Running will get you nowhere. You cannot outrun justice." There were no more incidents after that. After another frozen hour, a large transport came down and settled onto the tarmac. The unlucky five thousand began to march, to the waiting troopship, and to their forgiveness, by life or death.

OOC//Ok, you're on the barge now. Quarters consist of bunks in 50 blocks of 100, on five decks. The crew on the vessel are naval armsmen, armed quite heavily with shotguns, heavy bolters at cruicial areas, and stun batons.
They have carapace armor, and have been ordered to keep the prisoners in line with maximun force. Wising off to them will get you hurt badly.

Interact with eachother and the npc's. We'll say all the PCs are in the same bunkroom, ok?

28-10-2005, 21:56
Ruben lay on his bunk, thinking why teh hell he was now on a suicide mission. In his fingers he twiddled a 12" shiv, a sharp silver blade with a bound wooden hilt, selaed with black tar lending its sheek coulor. He smoked somthings, a ciggaret loaded between his lips, probably some illegal substance.

28-10-2005, 22:38
Isain turned away from the smoker, and muttered something about, "no wonder you're in the Penal Legions..."

She looked around at the others, and wished that there were more women in the damn bunk, but instead, there were mostly men. Horribly, sweaty, and ugly, to say the least. Am I truly the only woman here? She asked herself.

28-10-2005, 23:38
Ruben noticed a women out of the corner oh his eye. 'strange, not m,any women among scum like us' he thought before shruggig and turning his concentration back to his blade.

29-10-2005, 12:14
Ferix shuffled his deck of cards laid on his back on the hard bunk. He noticed A man smoking on the bunk next to his.

"Got any spare?" he asked.

Yin - Yang
29-10-2005, 13:20
OOC: I'm assuming we still have our weapons right? :OOC

Verus lay back on his bunk, lost in thought.

Yet another suicide mission.......Emperor, hadn't he earned his penance aready? A decade in the penal legions, through all the worst **** that could be thrown at him, and he was no closer to getting out.....well, maybe after this mission, he'd get absolution. Surely, he deserved it.

Verus was brought back from his thoughts by conversation amoungst the other prisoners. A couple of women, and the rest all males. Seemed about right.....always less women in the penal battalions. Verus knew his train of thought had been dislodged, so he sat up, and nodded to the prisoners beside him in greeting. If your on a suicide mission, it pays to know who your going to die with...

Brother Smith
29-10-2005, 15:59
Adam rubbed his eyes, and walked into the bunkroom.

He was surrounded by heretics, scum, and mutants. All he did was smash a fething window!! Why is he among these people? He found a bunk, below a man who looked to be in his twenties.

'What did you do to wind up here?' He said, startling Adam. The man leaned his head over the side of his bunk. He has long black hair put in a ponytail and a scar running down his neck.

'I...I smashed my neighbours window.'

'Well, Kaji's the name, who might you be?'

'Draconis.. Adam Draconis... people just calle me Dracul'

'Ah, a young lad to be in a Penal Legion indeed.'

Kaji spoke in a strange accent, as if Low gothic was not his native language.

'Where do you come from? Your accent is odd.'

'I come from a planet in the centre of the Imperium, called Tokaida.
'I commited the 'crime' of thinking for myself'.

The two said nothing for a long moment, until Kaji broke the silence.

'This is my dog, Fuyutsimi. I got him from an old beggar on the streets of Tzaragotha IV.'

He pulled aside his bedsheets to reveal a thirteen week old puppy.

'You'll be caught!' Adam exclaimed.

'Perhaps, but i've managed to keep him a secret for six weeks already.'

'I suppose...' Adam replied.

'How long you been in the Penal Legion?' Kaji inquired.

'A few days..'

'Well Adam, I think i'll show you the ropes around here.
'For now though, get some sleep, you'll need it.'

And Adam tried to sleep, but he couldn't quite manage it. He was a small fish, in a strange pond.

29-10-2005, 17:33
Ruben slowly turned to face the card-shuffler. Sure" he exclaimed, throwing mim a ciggarete from a trouser pocket. "So what did you do and who the hell are you" He asked abruptly.

29-10-2005, 17:40
Isain shuddered as the smoker threw a stick of the disgusting substances. She then heard him ask what the man was in for. She shuddered again, and turned away, sliding further away from them on her bunk.
"Well if they want to die, fine by me," she said in an almost uncanny whisper that nobody could hear.

30-10-2005, 13:46
Gerard rolled over on his bed, trying to shut out everyone else. He opened his footlocker for a second, grabbing a syringe from it, injecting himself the world began to spin again. He layed back down, letting the visions return to him.

30-10-2005, 14:21
Ferix nodded thanks to Ruben.
"Stole a visiting governor's hover car. Or tried to anyway." he laughed, "The name's Ferix. And you are?"

Seeing a movement, Ferix looked over at a guy sticking a needle into his arm. He looked spaced out. Hmm... A junkie, eh. Ferix continued to shuffle cards.

30-10-2005, 15:58
"the names Ruben Quinn, i got landed in jail for theivery, but thats just what they know about" he winked and laughed, "realy, im an okay guy, whats with the deck" he asked motoning to he deck of cards he was shuffling.

30-10-2005, 17:45
Isain shuddered again, this time out of fear. Another theif... what's to stop him stealing what I own still? All I own... my hellgun... and that Kasrkin's Carapace armour... or even worse...
She shuddered a second time, and hoped that the thief hadn't noticed. She'd stolen, yes, but that was to keep herself alive, not to get rich...

Yin - Yang
30-10-2005, 20:10
Verus smiled as he spotted one of the females giving a slight shudder as the two thiefs bgean to talk.

"So....Ruben was it? And Ferix?...looks like I'd better watch my stuff around you two." He said with a sarcastic smile "But...I'd advise you not to steal anything in the Penal Legions. Justice tends to be very direct and to....point amoungst us criminals. I'm Verus Nefero by the way" he said, as a way of greeting to the criminals around him, which also included a female with some surprisingly high-tech gear for a penal trooper.

30-10-2005, 21:51
"Isain," muttered Isain out the corner of her mouth. She already felt warmed up towards Verus... but only slightly. Not enough to like him as much as she had... she stopped on that trail of thought. It always gave her nightmares...

31-10-2005, 12:53
"Honour amongst thieves, eh?" Ferix grinned to everyone.
"As for the cards, watch the ace of diamonds...." he said. The card disappeared. With a flourish he then plucked it out from the thin air behind Verus' ear. "How's that then?"

31-10-2005, 21:14
"Ya fraggin' palmed it, groxbiter. Watched you." rumbled the giant apparently napping on a nearby bunk. It was hard to tell, he had been wearing dark goggles, so nobody could see his eyes. But the way he had hsi arms crossed behind his head, and the fact that he had been motionless for the past hour gave people the impression of some sort of barely domesticated hound resting, waiting for it's master to set it loose.

31-10-2005, 21:54
Ruben grinned at verus, "Don't worry I only steal form the ritch, no use stealin from folks thats earned it, thats my motto" Ruben laughed. He turned over to face the goggled criminal "you seem to have your wits about you, well need that. Whats your name" Ruben asked, ofering the man a ciggarette as he asked, a formal greeting and motion of good diplomacy among convicts.

31-10-2005, 22:15
Altan lifted his goggles with one hand to peer at the speaker. One couldn't help but notice the bizarre silver color of his irises, so intense they appeared to actually be metallic at first glance. He got up, took the smoke, tucked it behind his ear for later. He moved with a predatory grace that the casual observer wouldn't expect out of a man his size. It instantly gave the impression to get on this man's bad side would be quite unpleasant indeed. But that's the way Altan liked it.

"Altan Belisan. Been here before. Sheeyit, its been what, only a couple years since my last stint. Watch out for Grit. He's a fraggin' freak, he is."

31-10-2005, 22:22
Ruben did his best not to act suprised or stare at the cons 'unusual' eyes. Rube grinned and garabbed the mans hand in a warior grasp. "The names Ruben, good to meet you Altan, yeah that commisar does seem to be a bit of a head case" Ruben joked.

Yin - Yang
31-10-2005, 22:34
Verus nodded to the man with the goggles, seemingly one who had expierenced the harsh reigme of Commissar Grit before.

"A couple of years since your last stint? Imperator Lux, I'd kill for a day free from the Penal Legions...I've been stuck in them for the past decade since my...transgression. Survived all sorts of **** that i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. But you never know " he smiled sarcastically "This might be the last one. Course, if this Grit guys half the hard ass son of grox I've heard, the chances of any us of us surviving are slim......not to dampen the mood of course" he said with a smile "But after a decade in penal legions, ya kinda get pessimistic about things. Oh and by the way" he said, taking the card out from behind his ear and flicking it across to Ferix "You might be wanting that back."

31-10-2005, 22:36
Ruben grinned again "yup, we probably all gonna die, 'cource everyone dies so might as well go out in style" He mad a vauge explosion sign with his hands.

Tanith Ghost
31-10-2005, 23:22
The ships klaxons sounded off three times. "All personel prepare for the trip into the immatrium. Repeat, all stations secure for warp jump." The PA system sounded off. The ship began to shudder, barely perceptible to the personel on board but still unnerving. The drop into the miasma went smoothly. During the three week jump over a dozen men were killed during the harsh training Grit imposed on them. When the ship came out of war, it was right into a space battle. "Commisar Grit, we have Tau ordanace bearing down on us. We won't be able to evade and make planetary approach."
"Bring us right in anyway. We'll have to pray the damage isn't too severe."
The massive barge entered orbit, a flock of tau fighters harasing her.
The the first boarding torperdos hit, as the barge passed down into the sky of the planet. "30 standard minutes to the LZ! Hold them off til then!" The pilot roared as the barge began to shake more noticeably. "Attention all personel, this is Commisar Grit. Prepre for boarding action against unknown enemy forces. Repeat, enemy boarding imminent. Lock and load 19th."
No sooner had Grit announced than a wall blew in, and tau fire warriors piled in.

OOC//Ok gents, two dozen tau scum just burst into your bunkroom, backed by a crisis suit with twin burst cannons. The fire warriors are fair game. They will take a fair toll first, but you can deal with them. Use the NPC cannon fodder. The suit is not to be touched. It will be dealt with when I post next.
Go get em convicts.

01-11-2005, 16:06
Ruben dived from his bed into a crouch, pulling over his metal trunk to sehild him. A bunch of convicts fell to tau pulse rounds as they charged. Rubne held his knife in his hand and dived behind another bed. A man fell down, a ho,e between his eyes, ruben pushed the falling corpes away. He jumped up and joined the freay as the fire warroirs were engulfed in close combat. He grabbed on from behind, quickly moving hi nife up and cutting the alens upper throat.

It fell to the floor and dark blue blood sprayed across the deck. He stomped on the xenos head as it squirmed and chocked until it finaly stopped moving.

01-11-2005, 16:32
Ferix grabbed his card.
"can't get anything past you, mate. You got a good eye." Ferix grinned. then the wall caved in. Ferix dived past his bunk and pulled out two knives, along one and a short one. He then jumped back and stapped a xenos in the throat. The blue blood spurted onto the knife and flowed down the swirling grooves.
"Die, Bitch" Ferix snarled.

02-11-2005, 10:29
Gerard activated his stim packs, and dived at the nearest firewarrior as it entered the room, his blade drawn. Like an animal he attacked, slashing the blade through the weak joints in the armour. He could see the initial effects on the firewarriors face, it stumbled back a step and then its eyes went bloodshot as the drugs took their toll on it, leaving it lifeless on the ground. As this finished, the psychon and rage kicked into action in the convicts system. Though it wasnt a strong dosage, he was able to do what was needed.

02-11-2005, 12:00
Isain ducked behind her bunk, letting the Tau's fire splatter over her head while she tugged her hellgun's backpack over her shoulders and made sure the gun itself was attached. She turned around slowly, just in time to see a Tau pointing it's Pulse Rifle at her.
"Feth you," she spat, and brought the hellgun up, the first half dozen shots impacted with it's armour, before the next several shots splattered around and made a blue liquid over it's armour appear. Isain blanched, and turned away, her hellgun smoking.
She readied her hellgun again, and looked about. Chaos everywhere. Well then, looks like someone needs to be killed...
She brought her hellgun up again and let it fire into another Tau Firewarrior, before she had to dive as two other Tau gave the first supporting fire.
She was pinned. She had no combat experiance, and she wasn't on good terms with anyone else... feth...

02-11-2005, 16:06
Ruben rollled out of the room through the main door, he had snuck round. He ran to the end of the corridor and into penal armoury #0661. he scrambled inside, it was deserted. he looked along the wall until he found 'Quinn, R A. C#1771. He yanked it open and grabbed his revolver, feeling its weight in his hand.

He sprinted back to the quaters and through teh door, shooting a large hole straigt through a fire warriors back, blood splattering across the floor. he dived to the ground as pulse ammo decorated the wall behind him. He crawled to cover, his fellow convvicts falling dead around him.

02-11-2005, 16:32
Ferix quickly scanned the room.A female looked in trouble. 'Isain Ferix thought her name was. She was under fire from two tau. Ferix barrelled into one slashing ferociously. The first one went down, But the second swung it's gun up into his arm. However with his good arm, Ferix stabbed it through the visor.

Brother Smith
02-11-2005, 20:14
Adam was trying to sleep, when he heard the blast. Twelve or so armoured men came through, followed by a walking tank.

Before he had time to think, kaji had grabbed him and stuffed him underneath the bunk, reaching into his pocket to bring out a small pistol.

'Take this' He said as he threw the gun down onto the floor. Then Kaji loaded what appeared to be a shotgun and fired, spraying the gaint mechanoid with lead, but to no effect. It turned and filled the air with plasma, searing through Kaji's puppy.

Adam stayed down. He was safe, but he could see one fo the attackers pointing his weapon at Kaji. He fired the pistol at the attackers feet, almost blowing one clean off. As the man went down, he sprayed fire into the ceiling.

OOC: Remember, for all these prisoners know, these Tau are just humans in armour.

02-11-2005, 20:52
occ[ not all fire warriors wear helmets, they look like tau]

Ruben fired his revolver from coer, it was a close range weapon, any tau he hit were protected by armour. A shot grazed his elbow and he shot back into cover, the wound smoked, no blood leaked from the quaterised wound. A convicte riddled in holes fell over the upturned table, his face a look of horror.

02-11-2005, 22:11
OOC - Actually, I'd really hate to contradict you, but Isain's seen Tau before, since she did grow up on a planet infested with them! Besides, they also have fewer fingers than a human, and have hoof-like feet (yes, I've studied them a bit...).

IC - Isain came up as Ferix slammed into one of the Tau, and let her Hellgun fire rapidly, spraying fire over the other Firewarrior. She checked Ferix was okay, before moving around to get to a more defensive position.
Once securely safe (as if) behind a fallen locker, she let her Hellgun fire rapidly at one of the Tau, making it fall back behind a bed. She turned her fire to another Tau, this time wounding that one and pinning it behind another bunk.

03-11-2005, 16:24
Ruben looked at the hellgunfire and a wounded tau dropped behind a bunk. He stood, legs spread. And emptied the rest of his ammo into the tau before jumping and diving down next to Isain. "**** im out of *********** ammo" He panted.

03-11-2005, 16:51
Ferix scrambled to his knees and gasped thanks to Isain. He grabbed a magazine out of a pouch and tossed it to Ruben. He got up and ran to a Tau, and slashed the unprotected back of it's knee. It crumpled downwards and ferix punched it in it's unhelmeted face. the pommel of his knife caught it just below the eye and crushed the bone. He picked up the Tau and threw it awkwardly into it's companion.

03-11-2005, 16:57
Niveus swore to himself as he dropped to one leg and readied his laspistol. He looked around the confusion and swore again.

'Damn frakheads want to ruin my day,' Niveus said aloud as he rapidly shot at a visiable Tau. The Tau took a step back as the shots impacted and seemed to falter, before training its weapon on him. The firewarrior shot round after round at Niveus as the man jumped behind an overturned bed.

The crappy barricade barely lasted as he felt an impact wound on his left leg. Ignoring the wound altogether, Niveus rolled out from the side and shot back at the Tau. This time his aim was true and the Tau fell wounded.

Niveus was in a really bad mood as he saw a few others with him behind the barricade, hoping he would lead them to safety.

Yeah right, he thought to himself as he saw the Crisis Suit train on them. Knowing his own end was near, a thought quickly came to him.

'You three, train your weapons on that big thing!' roared Niveus as the men did as told, not thinking. Suddenly they fired quickly at the Crisis Suit and Niveus abandoned them as he rolled forward, the barricade quickly destroyed as his hands fell onto the dead Tau's weapon.

Quickly picking it up and laying prone, Niveus allowed the Tau technology to do his killing for him as the gunned opened up with a faster pace of fire than a lasgun. Niveus was impressed as another Tau fell by his hand.

03-11-2005, 17:44
Ruben grabbed the clip an manged a "thanks" before fl;icking a catch on the back and emptying teh bullets into his lap. He loaded them into the opened barrel of his revoler, shoving a handfull of spare into a pocket. He flicked the cock and leaned out aiming at the large crisis suit. 6 Shots bounced harmlessly from its armour before he ducked back into cover.

Tanith Ghost
03-11-2005, 21:01
As the lander made it's way into the atmosphere, the hull began to glow, trailing fire. The opening the tau had come through began to smoke, and the remaining tau ran further into the ship, pushing toward and entrance to the hallways. The suit began to move as well, but as it started to hover, it found the room to small. Then the tau craft could tak no more and was sheared off
in a burst of fire. The pressure was still low enough outside to give high levels of suction, and the suit was pulled out of the lander to a firey demise. The flames lapping in died down as the lander continued it's run.

Out in the top deck hallway, Grit shot a convict cowering on the floor.
"If this is our appointedp lace of death, so be it. But you will face it on your feet." Several others got off the floor, looks of horror on their faces.
"All squads prepare to disembark. Terminate all hostiles still present with extreme predjudice." Grit announced into the comm.

03-11-2005, 21:42
Altan looked up at Grit's dire announcement. He was just finishing pounding the skull in on the Tau he had grasped round the neck. It was easy, they werent much stronger than a child. He flung the bloody ruin onto the deck, picked up his effects, and began to leg it to Grit's position. He'd....hate....for anything misfortunate to happen to the Commisar without he being there to watch.

04-11-2005, 19:27
Ferix grinned with black humour at Grit's announcement. He picked up a Pulse rifle, the same as some guy further on. He dropped to the floor and rolled as a burst of fire shot over his head. However he wasn't quite fast enough. A shot skimmed his head. He found the trigger and watched the ATu dance as he fired fired at it.

05-11-2005, 01:32
'The old bastard is still alive,' cursed Niveus as he fired the pulse rifle on full auto. He was happy there, just blasting away. The Tau's image being replaced by the face of the Nobleman who sentenced him to this damned regiment.

Under Grit, Niveus had followed him to every suicide mission that bastard had taken them on and hundreds of able men and women had died to his basic whims. Niveus swore he would outlive that bastard.

06-11-2005, 14:23
Ruben grabed up a dead taus weapons and ammo, a pulse carbine and sprinting into teh corridor. He barreled towards Grits position with the others, the commisar was, unfortunatly, still alive. He unloaded some pulse ammo into a wounded tau, sprawled in the corridor.

A dead man lay sprwaled infront of grit whne ruben arrived.