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28-10-2005, 18:38
hey, just to get different ideas.
i run tournies where i live, and my question is, what would be the best solution to an odd numbered amount of people. Like 11 people ae playing so everybody would get to face somebody except for the one guy. Normally one would give him a by, but i dont like the fact of giving an auto win, nor can i play him myself( as i am running the tourni), and i also cant find somebody at random to fight him. any ideas?

28-10-2005, 18:46
I the tournies I have been in we drew randomly who played who and the last one in the hat got the "by".
Alternatively, you could use the "seed" systom used by college basketball. (I only coached one year before I left (We won the regional championship and the head coach want me to stay or failing that play for him, but I couldnt afford either) so I am not 100% sure how it went, but the team who had won the previous tourny was "first seed" and automatically got the "by" if one was available. Think of it as an extra perk to winning. Not only do you win that tourny, but you get a possible bonus in the next one.

28-10-2005, 19:10
If there is no other way to get another player then someone got to get the "By" As Evil Inc suggested draw straws it's fair to all

28-10-2005, 19:23
At the tournies I been to with an odd number of players, sometimes the judge would play the odd player.

28-10-2005, 19:27
thanks guys, i dont care much for draw either, cuz i think it robs away from what could have happened, then again i also have a limit to how many peeps can play, so the last player to sign in can suffer the draw perhaps.

Seth the Dark
28-10-2005, 20:37
At my local tournaments if there is an odd number of people then the guy running it plays with a souped up Khorne army of Death. BUt you get an automatic win either way.

Gyulkus Chaos Saurus
28-10-2005, 20:43
i played a tourney where we couldnt get an even # of people, the guy running the tourney played, but he was really good and slaughtered everyone he played so just use a weak list.

28-10-2005, 21:37
When a buddy of mine runs a tourney, he usually has a couple of helper monkeys to gather scores and settle petty rules debates while he does the announcing, organization and plays a "ringer" army for any odd numbered tourneys.
Which, of course, he'll pawn off on one of the helper monkeys if he's needed more for organization and such.
The army is just a watered down "all-comers" IG army. Not a bad list, but not necessarily the best. And he has a nasty habit of rolling 1's.... a lot... so he never "dominates" and doesn't expect to win, but at least someone will get a game instead of sitting out.

Folks seem to think they need to suck up to him to get in his good graces, when it's really the helper monkeys you need to suck up to....

29-10-2005, 04:16
then again, if its a number that is easily divided, you could do round robins as well.
For example, you have 15 people in the tourny. You just set up 5 tables and split the players into 5 groups of 3 and each group start at a table.
We will look at a single group and assume the others are doing the same...
2 players play a game and the 3rd plays the winner. If the same player wins both games, they win for that table. If not, the loser from the first game plays the winner of the second game. Do this until one player has won 2 games and thus wins the table.
That leaves you with 5 players. Reapeat process except with 2 teables being used and make sure everyone gets to play a new player each game. A winner will arrise. This gets complicated though and is hard for many adults to follow (myself included) much less younger players. A by really is your best bet.

Edit : I just remembered something else that might help you out. try to get a big dry erase board to write the standings on as you go. That will save you getting a lot of annoying questions and make the players more at ease so they know exactly what is going on. I have been in tournies with and without that and always enjoyed the tournies with them a lot more.

29-10-2005, 07:12
I don't think round robins are a good idea, because it leaves on player sitting out, instead of having everyone move through the standings. I think the best way to handle an extra player is just to have one of the tournament helpers play with one generic army or another.