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11-07-2008, 15:22
First off - I've finally made myself a warhammer table! :yahoo:

Secondly, this has already been posted at Bugmans and the Herdstone, I don't know if this is ok with the mods here but I hope it is, and I hope you enjoy the read :)

Now that that's taken care of, on to the battle... We fought 1500 pts, and "only" had 6 proxied models (my Gyro, his Pistoliers). I played with my usual Dwarf list, this being:

Runesmith: Great Weapon, Shield, Master Rune of Challenge, Rune of Brotherhood 121 pts
Thane: Great Weapon, Shield, Oath Stone 91 pts (general)
Battle Standard Bearer: 90 pts
25 Warriors: w. full command, shields 250 pts
10 Warriors: w. shields, great weapons, champion 120 pts
10 Thunderers: musician, shields 155 pts
15 Longbears Rangers: full command, shields, great weapons, throwing axes, rune of slowness, 315 pts
5 Miners: 55 pts
Cannon: Engineer, Rune of Forging 140 pts
Gyrocopter: 140 pts

= 1502 pts

And he was fielding something along the lines of:

Warrior Priest: Van Horstmann's Speculum, steed
BSB: steed, stubborn banner
25ish Spearmen + 9 halberdiers
25ish Swordsmen
15-20ish Greatswords + 9 halberdiers
2x5 Knights
5 Pistoliers

= 1502 pts

This is how it looked like at the beginning of turn 1:


I was quite worried about his knights on either side, as those on my right would be able to hit my 10 GW-wielding warriors in the flank, or even worse move around to my rear, and those on my left would probably kill off my Thunderers. Oh, and BOY was I worried about a Helblaster with Maximum Dice Luck (I'd go so far as to call it legendary, it has NEVER blown up) in the center of his line!

Turn 1:
Not much movement from me except for the Gyro, which moved up to threaten his Pistoliers and Cannon. My own cannon fired upon his line, overshooting a bit but still blowing 2 spearmen off the face of the earth. My Gyor killed two or three (can't remember) pistoliers with the steamer, but they held. All well so far! During his turn, he charged the pistoliers into my Gyro, no doubt hoping it would flee off the table. I held, and managed to beat them, running them down into the dust! Kill nr. 1 for my Gyro! Then disaster struck, as his cannon did some counter-battery, rolling a six for wounds and blowing my own cannon to chunks. 140 points! Note to self: Beware of great cannons. The rest of his line had advanced their max move, while I had stayed put this turn to lessen the impact of the Helblaster.

So, after turn 1, it looked like this:


And the casualties on either side:


Turn 2:
Now I began my advance, and turned my 3 "main" units into a kind of turtle defensive line. My Gyro charged his Cannon, which broke after combat, making me pursue off the table. Well, it was worth it! Kill nr. 2 for the Gyro. My thunderers couldn't do anything at all to his knights despite their handguns, so the only good thing except for his cannon being destroyed was that my Rune of Challenge made his threatening knights on my right flee towards the board edge rather than charge my GW-wielding little fellas in the front. Yay!
His Helblaster got less lucky with the dice, and killed... nothing. It still was kind of scary though, it's an awful lot of shots in one place... At this point the Dwarfs seemed rather like Neo though, and were all but invincible to bullets.

End of turn 2:


Turn 3:

Now things got interesting. My Gyro returned, lined up an awesome shot on his Greatswords and the halberdier detachment. BANG! A lot of happy dice and dead greatswords later, they were running off in panic. Wooh, no GW goodness for the Empire in that combat! Very good for me. And his halberdiers were reduced to US4, meaning full ranks for me too. I moved all my units into positions to receive his upcoming charges, and my Gyro moved behind cover to try to survive a turn of Helblaster leaden death... My thunderers once more failed to put any harm on his knights. oh, and I charged my cannon crewmen into his knights! Needless to say, they lost and fled, but nevertheless left his knights in an awkward position as they restrained their charge to face another turn of shooting.

During his turn, he charged all his units into my main two blocks, trying to block off my GW warriors on my right with his halberdier detachment - a move that would prove disastrous... for him. :) Combat proceeded smoothly, and for once all my units held. I only lost one warrior in all those combats! He lost a tad more though, at least making up for his huge static CR. And to make matters worse, his Helblaster, despite letting loose a veritable storm of bullet, only managed to put one wound one my Gyro.

Post-turn 3:

The huge melee in the middle of the table:


11-07-2008, 21:03
...and part 2!

Turn 4:
Now it was time for the infamous dwarven counter attack. My GW-armed warriors and Runesmith charged his shielding Halberdiers on the right flank, killing loads (good boys), and forcing a break test on snake eyes, which was duly failed. Then they overran into the flank of his spearmen, and as that combat hadn't been resolved yet, got to butcher some more lowly humans! My Gyro had charged his Helblaster, but the crew held, much to my dismay.

The double Dwarf units fighting his spearmen became too much, and they made a run for it. With both my units pursuing only a few inches, they made it to (temporary) safety though. His Knights on either flank moved into position to enter combat, but at least for the ones on my right flank who where faced by 30ish angry Dwarfs, things were looking grim indeed. My Gyro couldn't quite finish off his Helblaster crew, and his Greatswords had rallied and were moving towards it, hungry for revenge.

End of turn 4:


Turn 5:
The combat with my LB Rangers was still going well, and even though they were charged by his Knights in the flank this turn, where the Halberdiers had been earlier, they only lost one warrior, killing way more in return. My Gyro was charged by his Greatswords, lost combat and ran into his Swordsmen, which spelled its doom. Too bad, it was by far my MVP this far in the battle! Finally, I killed his BSB with my Thane in a challenge, after killing off his sacrificial champion last turn. GW really does the job on dwarf chars! Can't say I was missing a rune weapon for the whole battle really. Haha, oh, almost forgot, just as his Greatswords were about to charge, my Thunderes finally killed a few and made them run! And they're supposed to be stubborn... geeez... ;)

His Spearmen rallied on the right and turned, providing a united front with his Knights. And "finally" his Helblaster did something, shredding seven dwarf warriors in one volley! How cowardly, firing upon them from behind... grumble... But they held, of course. :)

End of turn 5:


Turn 6:
I charged with both units on my right flank, both making contact with his spears! This time it spelled their doom, as they fled and were caught by dwarfs eager to get away from the Helblaster! My GW-warriors and tag-along Runesmith (contestors to MVP along with the Gyro) then overran into his knights, forcing them to run off and give away full VPs due to fleeing, IIRC.

My LB Rangers finally won combat by enough to make all units in contact flee, rendering a nice amount of VP as it was in his turn and they would be unable to rally. And, last but not least, my cannon crew caught his fleeing knights, adding up to them catching his fleeing halberdier detachment earlier. A new record for VPs by a cannon crew withou cannon, eh?

As it all ended, it looked like this:

...and casualties:

It turned out to be a massacre to the Dwarfs, I had only lost the Gyro and the cannon, plus about eight dwarfs in total from my combat units. But, well, that's what happens when you fight dwarfs on their home turf!

It was a great battle though, and a real table with (mostly) painted models really makes all the difference :)

Hope you didn't get bored reading all this! because there might come more sometime... ;)


11-07-2008, 22:41
I like Dwarfs fights. Wanna see whos gonna win this. Seems dorfs are.

Chaos Mortal
18-07-2008, 10:05
good report i really like the pictures