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Lord Anathir
29-10-2005, 02:42
Well....a weak after finishing third in a tourney, I played a pickup game against the Dwarf player who finished seventh in the same tourney, to get some practise for another tourney nextmonth.

Level 4, Ring of Fury, Scroll, Silverwand, Scroll
Level 2, Jewel of Dusk, Ring of Corin
Commander, BSB, Battle Banner, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor
Commander, Lion Guard, Heavy Armor, Shield
18 Spears wSB, champ, lionstandard
5 silverhelms wchamp
10 Archers
5 DP, Banner of Sorcery
2 chariots
2 eagles
2 rbt

Lord, Tooled Up
BSB, -2 to dispell banner
runesmith, 3 scolls
(5 dispell dice, 3 scrolls, +2 to dispell)
18 Ironbreakers (with lord + BSB)
24 Warriors, Heavy Armor, Full Command
20 Warriors, Full Command
18 Long Drong Pirates
10 Crossbowmen
2 Bolt Throwers
1 Flame Cannon

Well... we were playing on a 4x4 table, so i didnt have much time to maneouver, not setup the way i wanted. But how it worked out was that he had his pirates on my left flank, deployed in two ranks. next to them was the bolt thrower, the ironbreakers, the other bolt thrower, the warriors, the crossbowmen and then the warriors. The right flank was guarded by a forest, so i really didnt have any way around it.

I deployed my silverhelms and chariots on the left, then my spears, my archers in one rank, and then my rbt on a hill. And then my dragon princes with my banner of sorcery and battle banner onthe right flank. There was a hill in between his pirates and my cav+chariots.

His magic defense was daunting.

He won first turn, and i realised my deployment mistake immediately. Due to the huge amount of terrain, i was forced to put my rbts on the hill. Somehow, from ten xbow shots he had 5 hits, with two of them hitting and killing the rbt crew. Oh...and the other rbt fled off in the process.The bolts killed a dragon prince.

My eagles and dragon princes zoomed up the flanked, and wheeled towards the centre. The cavalry moved up, magic produced a comet. On his turn, the comet came down, killed a warmachine, took out 5 ironbreakers, a number of warriors, and killed two crew of the flame cannon. Nothing else happened except him up his pirates and ironbreakers. Ofcourse, i saw my problem now, i had 20 unbreakable t4 dwarfs bearing down on me with little room to maneouver. In my next turn I dropped my eagles behind his lines, forced a scroll for my comet, and killed a couple of slayers. My bolt thowers were a grevious loss...they would have worn down the slayers.

Anyways, Every turn I moved backwards with my cavalry, and killing a few more slayers every turn. The eagles took out the cannon, killed the last warmachine. The warriors marched up...on my fourth i made another mistake, and i tried to move around the slayers with my knights and a chariot. I didnt get far enough and somehow they wheeled far enough to shoot down two knights. And of course they paniced.

I had enough of runing around...his scrolls were burned so i knew my magic would pick up soon...so my battle banner smashed into the flank of the ironbreakers and both chariots hit the pirates. The spears stood around to help out. The battle banner unit....BROKE the ironbreakers and ran them down, and hit the slayers in the rear. For the rest of the game I dropped comets and about 3 magic missiles a turn, soon his remaining warrior unit had only two ranks, and my spears hit them into the flank by using the eagle diversion technique (tm). The other warrior unit panicked and didnt run far enough from a charge, and the xbowmen were shot down.

Another win for this list. It is 5 wins and 0 losses so far, against dwarves, tk, vampirex2, oandg. Im liking it more and more every time i play with it, and i just cant wait till i take it to another tourney.

29-10-2005, 16:25
Nice. That list looks nasty but well balanced. I hate playing on tables not the proper size, but you seemed to do OK on it in the end. I would consider dropping the arhcers in favour of beefing up each of your cavalry units by 1.

Lord Anathir
29-10-2005, 18:06
thanx for the reply. I wont part with my archers because of how well they are painted and (more importantly) how well they work with rbts.