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12-07-2008, 09:10
After months of deliberation I've finally decided to purchase the empire army book and start a Ulric based army, I just love the mentality of the middenheimers and the conversion possibilities.
My choice of army mainly came about as a result of the WD cult of ulric list published during the storm of chaos and initially I wanted to play purely from this list ( teutogen gaurd models being my favourite along with skirmishing wolf kin mmm) however I realised that it is not possible to use the list anymore so ill have to just theme my list using the empire book.
Here is my first list I came up with based on the empire battalion and the existing unit of knights I already own, I want to try and keep it as true to the ulric idea as possible.

Captain- full plate armour, barbed warhorse, great hammer= 76
5 knights of white wolf(red company)- full plate armour,barbed warhorses,great weapons- musician, standard bearer=139 captains unit
6 knights of white wolf(white company)-full plate armour, barbed warhorse,great weapons- full command=178
10 crossbowmen-marksmen= 85
10 greatswords-musician,=106 I would convert this unit from the state troops by replacing the bodies of the pistoliers and using dwarven heads along with using dwarven arms for the great weapons and cutting of the axes replacing it with the swords to create the two handed great sword
mortar= 85 In the cult ulric list only mortars could be used so seems only right to use it
5 dogs of war light calvary-spears,shields,musician=85 Cant really see pistoliers being used in the harsh climate of middenland but instead it would be certanly possible that horse archers would be used to scout beastmen etc
Total= 754

Im aware that great weapons on calvary are absolutely useless however as a casual gamer Im more concerned with the fluff and the look and variety of the actual models so unlikely that I will change the warhammers to lance/shield. Secondly with the troops available in the battalion it would be difficult to make use of detatchemnts so until I use larger units I dont think detatchments are worth it.
If anyone has any advice for tactics or modelling advice it would be much appreciated.

15-07-2008, 02:49
nice going with the fluff theme.

maybe the future could bring wolf kin style flagelants?