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13-07-2008, 12:11
So Ive been a bit reluctant to use the WD list, especially since my group has allowed me to use the old HoC book until the new book arrives, but I thought I should atleast try out the list before I judge it even if it looks very weak, so I will play a multiplayergame (2 vs 2)next sunday, restrictions being:
1500 pts each, max 2 magicusers in the army.

I made a few lists, but in the end I settled on this one, the theme being a marauder tribe gone south for pillaging:

General: Exalted Champion of Chaos: Mark of Khorne, Flail & Armour of Damnation. 145 Pts
"The tribes leader, he praises Khorne in Battle to give him Strength"

Sorcerer of Chaos: Mark of Tzeentch, level 2 upgrade, Daemonic Mount & Chaos Familiar. 195 Pts
"Shaman of the tribe, he asks Tchar for guidance & is the one taking any decisions for the tribe that doesnt involve any fighting"


24 Marauders: Great Weapons, full command. 198 Pts

25 Marauders: Light Armour, Shields & Full Command. 205 Pts
"The basic tribesmen, always eager for battle"

6 Chaos Hounds. 36 Pts

6 Chaos Hounds. 36 Pts
"Slavering beasts raised & trained by beastsmasters to help in battle"


6 Chaos Knights: Chosen, Mark of Khorne & full command. 318 Pts
"The best fighters of the tribe, they have been blessed by the God of Battle due to their great Bloodthirst"

1 Chariot: Mark of Tzeentch. 110 Pts
The Apprentice of the Shaman & a driver, having more subtle ways of dealing pain than just riding the great horses into battle like the other chosen ones, he prefers a chariot as it is safer in a lot of ways"

6 Marauder Horsemen: Flails, Throwing Axes & Musician. 102 Pts
"The best riders of the tribe, it is as if their steeds are part of them"


3 Chaos Ogre Ironguts: Bellower. 154 Pts
"The tribe encountered these on their way south, promises of loot made the Ogres join them, & they are a welcome addition, even if they do smell"

Total: 1499 Pts
# of models 79
# of PD 5
# of DD 4