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13-07-2008, 12:23
Jungle Ravens and Their Homeworld: Copia

Copia is a fairly large planet with a diameter roughly equal to 1.25 times that of Solís 5th orbiting planet. The planetís axis has very little tilt, resulting in very mild seasons. This allows agricultural operations to function year round and due to the fertile soil, crop yields are much higher than average. In addition, Copia also has large, dense deposits of various minerals in and around its northern and southern mountain ranges, providing ample metal for the construction of farming equipment and (more in the Imperiumís interest) weapons and warmachines. Hindering these operations is a dense, global rain forest and various guerilla forces led by nearly any faction who would see death to the Emperor.
To protect Copia from the scourge of the xeno and the heretic there are three military entities: The Copia Combined Armed Forces, The Ordo Hereticus, and a Space Marine Chapter; The Jungle Ravens. Each serves an important role for the safety of Copia. The CCAFís primary mission is to oversee and protect the farming and mining operations. The Ordo Hereticusís objective is to ensure that no member of the Imperium on Copia falls to the lure of the enemyís silk words as well as providing intelligence to both the CCAF and the Jungle Ravens. This leaves the Jungle Ravens with the primary responsibility of punishing those who would dare impede the Emperorís wishes!
The only reason for interest in this planet is itís overabundance of resources. This leads to incessant guerilla attacks on the Imperial forces as various factions vie for these assets. To counter this, The Jungle Ravens have been forced to redesign their Chapterís colors for roughly one third of their force to provide them with the camouflage necessary to stalk the skulking enemies of the Emperor and to visit upon them the full measure of the Emperorís revenge. Also, in order to manage a global war with their few numbers, the Jungle Ravens have a high dependency on maneuverable and rapidly redeployable combat units. Often, long range infiltration elements are sent into areas of suspected enemy occupation to seek out enemy positions and then observe the enemy and provide intelligence for the remainder of the chapter. Due to the close fighting quarters caused by the dense foliage, combat is most often a flurry of gunfire followed by the battle cries and noise of men exchanging blows until one side is silenced forever.
The CCAFís forces are, on occasion used to aid the Jungle Ravens anytime a large conflict is expected. When planning an attack with CCAF reserves, the Jungle Ravens take only the best marksmen and insist that they be organized into units that can match the mobility and flexibility of the chapter itself. The remainder of the CCAF protects all high priority operations on Copia using what could be considered typical tactics and strategy used by other Imperial Guard armies. This would include a great many platoons of soldiers, heavily entrenched and an equally great number of heavy weapons and artillery emplacements supported by both air support and large columns of heavy armour. In times of dire need, the CCAF will call in the support of all of these assets to beat back their enemy. If this fails, they then resort to calling in support from both the Ordo Hereticus and the Jungle Ravens.
When the call goes out both Grey Knight terminators and Jungle Raven terminators are teleported to the location to provide heavy support until elements of Sisters of Battle and Jungle Ravens arrive. Most guerilla forces will break off long before the forces arrive as the initial attacks are often diversionary. During this time, the majority of Jungle Ravens are scrambled and in the air, listening to all comm channels waiting for the second and usually main assault force to attack.
The Ordo Hereticus is primarily concerned with observing, although they do have combat units in the area to assist in repelling raids. In addition, these forces are there on the off chance the taint of the xeno, the mutant or the heretic makes itself known among the members of either the Jungle Ravens or the CCAF. Often, any without the necessary faith in the Emperor are eliminated with the whisper of an assassinís blade as it slices wind and flesh with equal ease. Other times, dozens of men and women are killed in terrible and violent assaults led by Grey Knights.

Well, does it sound plausible for my Space Marine Chapter?

13-07-2008, 13:54
It sounds alright to me.
Although it's unusual for a Chapter to have other Imperial forces based on it's homeworld it's not breaking any fluff I know of.

Grey Knights aren't Ordo Hereticus though, they're Ordo Malleus, primarily concerned with fighting Daemons not heretics.

13-07-2008, 15:03
Put simply no

A space marine chapter who can't secure their own home world?
Agianst an enemy that always use's the same tactics?
A farming, jungle covered planet.Would'nt the farmers simply have removed the trees or the marines or anyone else?
A space marine chapter who only fight on this one world?
Amatuerishly writen much?(This one i don't blame on you, this i blame on the childish styles of certain authors from which you are I assume your trying to borrow)

13-07-2008, 19:51
Ever heard of the Crimson Fists?

None of those objections are deal breakers. All of it can be explained with a bit of creativity, which I'll leave to themandudeperson...

Why assume they never operate away from their homeworld?

Also, I think it's harsh to criticise someone's writing style without even offering constructive advice. It's personal fluff, it doesn't have to be written to Black Library standards.

13-07-2008, 20:26
It's extremely unlikely you'll ever see Grey Knights in anything except the direst circumstances. Operating in concert with them regularly is unthinkable - it implies they're not getting their job done.

14-07-2008, 05:08
Eh, I figured the presence of the Grey Knights was more or less an insurance policy by the Imperium to make sure the Jungle Ravens aren't swayed to the side of Chaos, then subjugate the CCAF into providing them with personnel and equipment. Pretty much, I'm wanting to get the point across that the planet's resources are abundant and invaluable to the point that even if there was a wide spread Chaos incursion or something worthy of an Exterminatus those in charge would be reluctant to issue the order if there are any other worthwhile options. My knowledge of the 40k background is about a 3-4 on a 0-10. I thought the Ordo Hereticus consisted of Sisters of Battle, Inquisition and the Grey Knights. It does appear, however, I was mistaken.. Easily remedied. I really don't like the game rules for Grey Knights anyway and don't truly need to justify their presence in my army list as they will more than likely never be in it..
Also, I must be the only person who thinks 1000 men (even 1000 8 ft. tall, genetically-engineered killing machines with nigh-impenetrable robotic exoskeleton-style armor men) would have trouble ensuring security over a planet a good portion larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Besides, Space Marines hit hard, hit fast and move on to the next objective. Defense shouldn't be left to them, they should be used purely for taking ground and eliminating opposition. Defense is left to the poor Imperial soldier..

14-07-2008, 07:49
The Sisters of Battle would only be concerned with planetary defense if their was something of religious significance there (a large cathedral, a sororitas training base, et cetera). Even then, they would concentrate on defending those places and nothing else. Mining operations and factories mean nothing to the Ordo Hereticus.
Also, space marine chapters keep tabs on themselves with regards to contact with chaos and other renegade factions. That's a job for chaplains and librarians. The inquisition would only make an appearance if they had reason to suspect the chapter.
Other than that, a planet 1.25 times the size of Jupiter would have some pretty serious gravity going on. What sort of affect does this have on the populace/space marines?

14-07-2008, 12:56
Ever heard of the Crimson Fists?

totaly diffrent situation, and i think iirc that the Crimson fist ( along with the BT and other chapters ) re took Rynns world, a Ork Waaagh is diffrent to having a long standing foe actually living on a planet.

OP - your fluff is ok, its just 'too much' make it a simpler version and dont include three diffrent types of force's, its just too 'out there' with what your suggesting, even for 40K. (imo of course )

oh and as a afterthought - GK would only be sent in for daemon incursions, if you have one on your homeworld, then your chapter is in for a good investigation from the Ordos Malleus/Heriticus about possible contamination.

only the founding Legions tend to get away with that sort of thing.

14-07-2008, 13:42
I too am not sure about the whole contested homeworld thing. An easy solution that would let you keep the fluff virtually the same would be to have the insurgents problem originate somewhere else in the system which would change the fluff from an "unsecured homeworld" to a "homeworld under repeated attack by rogue factions but valiantly defended by Jungle Ravens who always defeat their assaults no matter the cost"

It allows them to keep the exact same operating practice and organisation without making them appear incompetant because they cant even secure their own homeworld.

The other change i would advise is make the vegetation part of the planets valuable resource - maybe a plant thats the only source of an extremely potent medication or something, because if the rainforest was such a problem in securing the world, i would imagine the Imperium would destroy it entirely to solve that problem. The Imperium isnt exactly known for its Eco-friendly policies.

14-07-2008, 14:55
Also, I think it's harsh to criticise someone's writing style without even offering constructive advice. It's personal fluff, it doesn't have to be written to Black Library standards.

I was talking about several authors who write for black library, ben counter being the one i was refering to here


You dont seem to understand how space marines operate they kill all opposition, the off world , althought still same system is probably the best bet and why does this agri/mining world under constant attack not strip the forest covering .

14-07-2008, 15:43
Actually, I think I posted the wrong version of the fluff and didn't realize it until just now.. Originally, they were based else where but were tasked to take care of things on Copia. That should help straighten things out for folks.

14-07-2008, 16:14
why does this agri/mining world under constant attack not strip the forest covering .

Because then they'd be the Barren Waste Ravens instead of the Jungle Ravens. Plus they need a reason to be poking around in the rainforests and what not to warrant a large portion of their force covering their power armor with camouflage designs. Otherwise, they'd just be another brightly colored space marine army that blends in with all the others..

14-07-2008, 17:30
Ok so instead of saying that this is their home world, say that it's like this and junglewarfare is the form of warfare they have chosen to specilize in and then seek out jungle/forest/gaint fungus worlds on which to make use of the specilized nature of their training

And sorry if I seem condecending

Col. Tartleton
14-07-2008, 18:30
Heres a new idea for ya chief.

A descendant of the Raven Guard The Sable Ravens were a perfect example of Corax's maneuver warfare and rapid redeployment tactics. They operated as a crusading fleet based chapter and acted with lightning adaptation to remove the Emperors enemies. They had kept countless worlds safe from the Alien, the Mutant, and the Heretic.

And then Tragedy struck. Upon the largest moon of Eris an enormous uninhabitable gas giant, Copia, a roughly earth sized rock covered in jungles whose black soil held marvelous wealth was undergoing trials by the chapter for new recruits. It was during the trials that the trouble started. Captain Beronymous Laark was overseeing the guerilla warfare trail in his landspeeder when his pilot received an alert from the orbiting Strike Cruiser, The Sable Talon.
A force of Chaos insurgents had begun torching the worlds major city Raiik. The Captain ordered a quick end to the trials and snatching up a handful of the most capable aspirants in his speeder he made way towards the edge of the city. He dropped them off and called in a thunderhawk of bike mounted reinforcements to be inserted and have the aspirants extracted.

The Thunderhawk arrived within a half hour and the large unit of marines mobilized through the city like a black wave, they drove the cultists before them on their bikes and their bolters pierced the bodies of their enemies scattering fragments of their bodies to the winds. But the numbers of the enemy grew as the battle continued much to Laarks dismay. He ordered in the rest of his company. With the entire sixth company in place in Raiik the city was eventually purged of the fanatical forces of chaos. However far too many marines were lost in the fighting.

Laark was about to recall his men to the cruiser when word came of greater treachery. His ship had been ambushed by rogue PDF frigates and was critically damaged. His men waited helplessly as the word eventually came that they were now trapped there. The Captain began to access options with the help of his sergeants and chaplain Hueron. The situation was grim. The city once more began to erupt with cultists and Hueron knew that the numbers were against them. Of the 83 men they had arrived with 78 still drew breath, and nearly a dozen of those were severely injured by the cultists heavy weapons. Laark made a descision to retreat to the higher ground in the mountains near the city. He hoped that they could bottle neck the overwhelming enemies there and hold out long enough for the rest of the chapter to find them.

Several years later the reinforcements came. They found the half dozen remaining marines covered in foliage and driven near to madness. They were free of the taint that covered the world, but their minds were gone. The men had turned near to animals. Laark was long dead, and Heuron was the only remaining officer left. He had had an epiphany that the emperor was like a great crow, feeding on the blood of psykers for sustenance to keep the Imperium alive. He began to imitate his ideal warrior through acts of savagery and cannibalism. His beaked skull helm was daubed in blood and a mad fire gleamed in his eye. The Chapter quarantined them and eventually managed to bring them out of their insane state and deemed them pure. But the men were scarred by what they had seen and what they had done to survive. They had begun eating their fallen enemies. What had originally began as a means to stay alive had turned to a sick obsession. The marines still craved human flesh and the chapters apothecaries were helpless to change it.

The survivors were added to the fourth battle company, and soon their tactics infected the entire company. They had shown them the ways of the ultimate hunter and that of the of the Carrion. As the companies victories grew, the chapter began to see the usefulness of their methods as hunters, and soon the entire chapter began practicing the blood rights of the cult of the Carrion God. A new guise of the Emperor as a soul devouring beneficent master warrior.

Their methods brought a change to the chapter. They renamed themselves the Jungle Ravens for the jungles of Copia and painted their armor in green tones and began marking themselves with trophies and symbols of the carrion. They came under the watch of the Inquisition, and the ordo hereticus has begun trailing them and observing their actions. They are still considered loyal, but their cult is making it harder and harder for Inquisitor Malcolm to tolerate their divergence. Despite the chapter's bloodthirst, they are still a codex following chapter and they maintain the tactical astuteness of Corax and follow the tactics of his legion to this day.