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13-07-2008, 14:12
This list has yet to let me down terribly... im on about 3:1 win loss with it at the moment so it seems fairly balanced, but let me know what you guys think :)

Bruiser: 130
Seigebreaker: 30
Hvy Armour: 4
Luck Gnoblar: 5
Wallcrusher: 15
TOTAL: 184

Butcher: 130
Bangstick: 25
Wierdstone Necklace: 20
2x Tooth Gnoblars: 10
TOTAL: 185

6 Bulls: 210
Ironfists: 30
Light Armour: 18
Full Command: 50
TOTAL: 308

4 Ironguts: 192
Gutlord: 20
TOTAL: 212

2 Leadbelchers: 110

GRAND TOTAL: 999 pts

What does everyone think then? While i may not have that many units or bodies on the table the amount of wounds and the buffs from the butcher allow them to take a decent amount of punishment.


Getifa Ubazza
13-07-2008, 14:23
I would split your bulls down to 2 units of 3, remove the full command. Spend the points on a couple more bulls. One for each unit or add a third Leadbelcher.

Boss Zagstruk
13-07-2008, 14:27
hey id lose the seigebreaker and just take a GW. Drop the gnoblars and give u bruiser the necklace instead of the butcher. he can heal himself with gut magic or give him the bloodcleaver. As already suggested max out on bulls. you need numbers

13-07-2008, 14:44
i dumped the bulls into one unit for a few reasons... 1st that S5 bull charge is a good way to thin out the front rank of an enemy... 2nd a lot of my opponents field bolt throwers so units of 3 wont make it, and 3rdly i tend to face a lot of big units and units of 3 just cant seem to cut it at my gaming club :S
my bulls oddly have the highest kill count out of my army so far, almost in the hundreds out of 4 games :S (granted about 70 of those are zombies but they were also drawn out combats)

And seigebreaker is taken for armour denial purposes, as one of my most challenging players is brettonian so removing his armor is VERY important (plus he rocks in challenges against almost anything, hes won about 7 an lost 2, one was to skulltaker lol)

13-07-2008, 16:57
S5 bull charge? U mean your gonna field them 3 wide? Why? 5 wide is best. More attacks.

13-07-2008, 17:46
more attacks? a 5 wide ogre unit is effectively 10 men wide... too wide for any real manouvering

13-07-2008, 18:57
2 units of 3 bulls give you 9 extra attacks... All your opponent has to do is move within 6" and your 6 bulls fight no better than 3. You think +1 strength on 3 attacks you may or may not get is worth 100pts?

Check out 'The ogre stronghold' forum, good advice there.
I think the trick with ogres is to get as many bull/irongut units as possible. Heres my list:

*Bruser/great weapon, handguns (can choose +2 stength or +1 attack. No point in Heavy armour, anything that hurts a bruser can cut through 5+ saves)

*Butcher/bangstick, scroll (no point in tooth gnoblars, butcher should be pumping out 5 spells a turn. A 1 or 2 still fails to cast even with TG)

Ironguts/3 ogres
ironguts/3 ogres
Bulls/3 ogres, musician
Bulls/3 ogres, musician

Gnoblars/21 goblins
Gnoblars/21 goblins
Trappers/9 goblins (marchblock brets from the first turn, indispensible)

Like your seigebreaker on the bruser though, steamtanks will cry.

13-07-2008, 20:43
lol seigebreaker has never failed me yet... even against elves it smashes heads in haha
I've never fought a stank yet... but im not looking forward to it lol

smaller units of ogres just seem like they would get ripped to pieces to me... id never go over 6 per unit its just that 3 looks a bit, well, measly... plus it only takes one to die and the unit does a runner (with my LD checks they will always run)