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Mad Larkin UK
13-07-2008, 18:04
Hello all, just got back from GW chester's Battle bunker, where a 1500 point, 2 heat GT style tourney was held. Some interesting things about tournements in 5th

Daemons Occupyed both first and second place, even though they both played each other in the last game. (3 games total) They were whooping all comers.

Dark eldar need a serious buff. True LOS got the wych cult dark lance fest army in 10th place out of 12.

True los worked really well, there were only a few calls to be made by the judges, since we had the new LOS markerlight lazer, which i think is really cool.

Kill point mission was moaned about by all, and in all fairness is unfair on some. I played the Dark eldar player, who with all his raiders and squads of 10 had 15 easy kill points to be given away.

Great time had, and i think 5th edition is pretty cool.

I came 4th with imperial guard!! huzzah!

13-07-2008, 18:10
Good job with grabbing 4th with your guard.

Who came in 3rd?

13-07-2008, 18:27
Huzzah Guard! Huzzah!

Sucks for the Dark Eldar though :s

13-07-2008, 18:48
Im not at all suprised about the deamons there, nor am I suprised that out of 12 players at least 2 decided to take deamon armies...

Having read the new dex they have and played for and against them I can tell you that if you want to stand a chance against the warp spawns you need to be familar with their dex.

13-07-2008, 20:48
Well done on coming 4th with guard, what did your list look like?

Mad Larkin UK
13-07-2008, 21:50
My list was a bit of a cheese fest (The best guard can do)
I took Creed, which was ruled before i made my list that he counted as automatically winning the dice roll to choose sides, and, Go first :-)

i then had heavy weapons galore, 6 autocannons 3 lascannons, 2 hellhounds, demolisher, basilisk, 3 squads of grenadiers for my troops.

The third place guy had necrons with 2 monoliths. loads of warriors and 4 destroyers.

14-07-2008, 00:41
What did the daemons run? Were they mono-god with some deviations or just a giant hodge-podge of everything?

RazielZia is right about daemons. I run mono-Tzeentch, and even with a fluffy list Iíll get huge victories because I donít think people actually know how the army functions.

Mad Larkin UK
14-07-2008, 11:02
No the winners army is absolutely sick.


Great unclean one with Breath of chaos

The Masque

20 Plaguebearers with icon

10 Plaguebearers with Icon

10 plaguebearers with Icon

2 Daemon princes with 3+ armour save, Flight, Noxious touch etc

The problem with it is, he sends his daemon princes into your troops, once hes got a few kills, the benefits from Epidemius start ranking up. Once he's killed 21, his Plaguebearers and GUO have 3+ feel no pain, power weapons, always wounding on 2+, and since the new poison rules, if your toughness is the same or less than the strength on the poisoner, its rerolls to wound. So Marines get hit by 2+ to wound, rerollable power weapons, on guys who have toughness 5, a 5+ invun then 3+ feel no pain.

He got 101 points, the nearest challenger was 69 lol.

14-07-2008, 11:50
Yep. Traditional Epi list.
Best thing is try to kill those damn princes and stop the tally from growing too fast.

Mad Larkin UK
14-07-2008, 11:54
Well when i killed him with my imperial guard, he deep struck them behind some cover, and i moved away from them and shot them. I tryed....

Then he killed my unit of 30 conscripts and game over lol

14-07-2008, 12:37
I would've tried to kill Epi; he needs to be on the board for the kills to count and the buffs are gone when he is killed. Though I assume he was in the unit of 20 Plaguebearers, which would make that a bit difficult.

Danny Internet
14-07-2008, 14:52
Were there no mechanized lists in the tournament, or did the Epi player just not come across them? Mech Eldar/Tau/Marines/anything would mercilessly annihilate that army, or at the very least be virtually immune to taking damage from it after knocking out the daemon princes.

15-07-2008, 14:00
Man this sounds cool. This is why I got in to this hobby. Also congrats on getting 4th.

15-07-2008, 17:12
In 5th Epidermicus needs to move first in reaction when charged. So just bitchslap him :)

Sound like a tough list. That she-bitch in there is nasty, although she shouild be easy to take out (not an IC).

Mad Larkin UK
15-07-2008, 20:41
I thought about this, however, you cannot move through the space occupyed by another model. Since Epi is on a huge base, the plaguebearers can hold him back with their bases.

there was a mech D.E player, but the Nurgle daemons played warrior Heavy Crons, hoard orks and Another daemon player