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14-07-2008, 19:44

After playing High Elves, Dwarfs, Dogs of War, and Bretonnians I've decided to move towards the "bad guys" and give the Vampire Counts a try.

The basic back story is that Volkmar goes insane and thinks the only way to defeat Chaos is convert the world to undeath. My focus is on magic with a solid line of infantry and supporting units on the flanks. I just tossed this together and haven't play tested anything with VC so please help me out :D

Without any further ado; I bring you the list:

Volkmar the Immortal @ 360 points
Vampire Lord; Lvl 4; Lord of the Dead; Bloody Hauberk; Sword of Might;

Vampire A @ 195 points
Level 2; Lord of the Dead; Tomb Blade; Flayed Hauberk

Vampire B @ 165 Points
Level 2; Avatar; Black Periapt

Emissary of Nagash @ 205 points
Necromancer; Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone; Additional Spell; Book of Arkhan


The Fallen 7th Reiklanders Swordsmen @ 200 points
19 Skeletons, Full Command, War Banner; Joined by Vampire A

The Fallen City Guard of Altdorf @ 136 points
14 Skeletons, Full Command; Joined by the Emissary of Nagash

The Freshly Risen @ 80 points
20 Zombies

The Eyes of Volkmar @ 88 points
1 units of 6 Dire Wolves, 1 unit of 5 Dire Wolves


The Fallen Teutogen @ 339 points
22 Grave Guard; Full Command; Banner of the Barrows, Joined by Volkmar and Vampire B

Knights of Red Gryphon @ 128
5 Black Knights, Musician


Varghulf @ 175 points

Cairn Wraiths @ 175 points
2 Wraiths; one Banshee

Total: 2246


Hammer and Anvil; move the center line of infantry up and use zombie units to slow down/redirect so I get the charges I want. Cairn Wraiths on one flank harassing with Varghulf/Black Knights on the other as support units. Dire Wolves march denying and harassing war machines.

With 11 PD and 3 bound spells, I figure that I will have a strong magic phase. Even if I don't, I feel I have enough hitting between characters and support units to win out.

Comments appreciated!

15-07-2008, 13:53
I've updated the list with some changes; comments appreciated :D

15-07-2008, 14:29
I really like your theme there dude.
Nothing to say really, go for it :D

10-01-2009, 19:11
I'm going to thread necro this because I'm now assembling some of the regiments and I'd like to get some feedback ;and comments would be appreciated - thanks!

10-01-2009, 23:03
Not a VC player so take this witha pinch of salt/holy water/what have you
Whats the point of buying zombies? I'd think increasing and dividing your skeleton blocks to three units is a better bet (then create zombies with raise dead instead), or use the points for something else (fell bats perhaps? a second cart?)

10-01-2009, 23:13
Seems to be a simple core filler to get the required 3 core units.

12-01-2009, 00:11
Yeah Kalandros has it right - it was a cheap 80 point filler. And I know I have at least one road bump at the start of the game.

Lotl Botl
12-01-2009, 02:07
dude really like the theme of you list as i don't play vamps i don't really feel comfortable giving solid advice, but i thoughi i could add some fluff advice
vamps=priests turned by volkmar
and i no you may not want to add it, but fluff wise you could add a black coach as his corrupted war-alter
and also fluff wise you no archon killed volkmar then belakor brought him back to life to hang him up on his banner, i mean your fluff still works as he could have been turned by a vamp after Belakor dumped his dying body off his banner and for revenge on chaos tries to start his undead army to fight
you could jsut go with the famous GW time warp :p
good luck

18-01-2009, 01:04
I've actually thought a lot about the war-alter black coach idea. I might do the war alter as a corpse cart; having the zombies pull a defaced version of the war alter.

As to the fluff; my reasoning is after he gets brought back by Be'Lakor and returns to the Empire, he becomes obsessed and turns himself into a Vampire so that he may control the winds of undeath.

Lotl Botl
18-01-2009, 16:46
cool, i really like your idea it's unique
are you planning on custommizing these units, like altering the volkmar model and priests for you characters, use the doom-sayers (flaggelents or something) for zombies painting them rotting colors, and if you do ever get around to doing this for your army could you pm me with some picks of the models would love to see the finished project

18-01-2009, 17:12
I suggest a project log, me wants to see too XD

On a fluff note, your graveguard should be reiksguard not teutogen guard(they're from Middenheim!).

Rather than suddenly turning himself into a vampire (like, how did that happen?), why not have him turned into a lich (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lich)? Obsessed as he is with destroying chaos leds him wanting to expand his life to continue his fight into the afterlife, perhaps binding himself to his Jade Griddon as his phylactery. Having previously been corrupted by chaos and now undeath, he counts as vampire lord :D

And uh, the list looks cool too :)

18-01-2009, 18:44
about the list

i think blood drinker and tomb blade are not worth, more when you can just raise the wound in the units with magic, but if you want to go with them give the vampires hatred to ensure some wounds each round

the wraiths, get at least 5 of them, or drop the 3 for a second varghulf or something else

also your necromancer does not cost 165 pts (it's like 200+) and is illegal (two arcane items)

you can drop some skeletons (you are going to raise more of them in the first turns) the command in the black knights and maybe the warbanner too

18-01-2009, 20:10
Whoops! The black periapt needs to go with a vampire; but you're right about the cost - don't know where I messed that up. I dropped the Blood Drinker and the BK champ to accommodate the point screw up.

When I start playing the list I think I'll test to see if I need as many skellies to start as I have to get some more points for the wraiths like you suggested.

And I'll start a project log soon; I'm painting the first reg of skellies now :D