View Full Version : Demons, Marines and more. I finnaly paint.

14-07-2008, 21:55
Well, it's summer time and I find myself with -way- too much free time on my hands. To this end I feel like i should finnaly assemble and paint the multitude of models I own. Over the coming days and weeks I will show my various assemblies, conversions and paint jobs as they unfold from my painting desk.
I figured the best way to force myself to actualy work was to start a log. That way I feel guilty if I have nothing to post :p

Right, Currently working on:
Assembling: Wood elf Battailion, Keeper of Secrets.
Converting: Space marine/blood angels veteran squad
Painting: Death company, Landspeeder

I hope to post again soon, with pictures and progress.

ps. will be editing into the post or uploading a picture of my already painted chaplains, terminator and jump pack.