View Full Version : Hive Fleet Echidna, a mythological army.

15-07-2008, 04:52
There was once a Planet called Gaia. In it's last days an innumerable amount of tyranids began over taking the planet. Devouring everything in sight. Then, the planet began to fight back, the trees began walking and stabbing. The livestock stood up and bore crude weapons, which they used on the invaders. The sea's water pulled back miles from the shore as one-of-a-kind monsters rose from a pit where the ocean once was. And after they were all devoured by the few remaining bio-beasts, the ground itself rose into a bi-pedial mass of roots, water, magma, and dirt. This entity began drawing in wind and lighting and, in what appeared to be a spell or psychic power, unleashed an elemental fury onto the nids. When the dust settled nothing of the planet was left, but what happened to this now splinter fleet was unique. It is unsure weather or not these creatures even have a connection with the hive mind anymore.


I do not like the current look of tyranids. I don't get the 'alien' feel from them, they're all too familiar and look too earthly. I have made an attempt to make them the way I want, but it didn't seem plausible to make an army out of it. So, I figured I would just bring my love of Greek mythology into 40K. This army will be different for sure. The units will be different and the paint scheme may change from unit to unit. It's the only way I can complete an army, thank you for reading.

15-07-2008, 05:09
Don't over-do it or they will look like chia-nids. ;)

15-07-2008, 06:26
get your hands on some dryads from the fantasy range. they'll make for some cool conversions. this i'll be rather unique and cool love to see the progresse.

15-07-2008, 07:07
Hmmm... Already, there is one Hive Fleet Echidna, that emerged from warp many years ago... mine (http://album.warpshadow.com/v/HiveFleetEchidna/) :)

15-07-2008, 15:58
nice to see some very original tyranids, can't wait to see what the lictor (if you do one) will look like. any plans for the fexes ?(if you do them aswel).

15-07-2008, 17:30
Awesome idea. Looking forward to seeing how all the elements are represented. Very unique.

15-07-2008, 17:59
Really excellent idea. i'll be waiting to see some more conversions.

The Laughing God
15-07-2008, 18:59
Cool idea, your gonna have a one of a kind army.

16-07-2008, 03:32
A couple things; I already used dryad pieces. Just so you know. I do have plans for just about every unit; Stealers as Satyrs, Tyrant as Gaia herself, warriors will be either centaurs or minotaurs, Raveners as Gorgons. I want to leave the fexs open on any conversion as big monsters, hydras, chimeras, ect. I won't reveal too much now.

16-07-2008, 06:18
This sounds like it has enormous potential for a truly unique army outside of the bounds of a 40k look. This sounds like its gonna be really cool, I'm already hooked by the paragraph of fluff you did at the start. Your idea of the planet made me think of it being a colossal space faring creature much like a hive ship (but bigger). Maybe it's inside is a localised self-sustaining warp storm kept in check by some powerful psychic presence? Aw heck it could be anything! It's mythology... I'm getting carried away.

Awesome idea!

17-07-2008, 11:09
Just one thing though, if you're trying to keep this mythological, you need to take note of the fact there is only ONE Hydra, and only ONE Minotaur. There are hundreds of centaurs, mind, so that's a good idea. But there are only three Gorgons. So, if you're wanting to stay close to Greek mythology, as you appear to be, you would have a limit on what you could field.

I like the idea though, and the first pic looks brilliant.