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15-07-2008, 06:17
I've decided to go full on Nurgle for my Beastmen. The army list specializes in combat with some hard hitting and fast units with magic defence from my shamans.

Mark of nurgle
Black Maul
Chaos armour
Crown of Horns

Mark of Nurgle
The Fur of Sharrgu
Heavy Armour
Hand Weapon
Dark Heart

Level 2
staff of darkoth
dispel scroll

Bray Shaman:166
Level 2
Bray Staff
x2 dispel scrolls

Beast herds:112
7 gors 7 ungors
full command
2 hand weapons

Beast Herds:147
12 Gors 7 Ungors
full command
2 hand weapons

Beast Herds:154
13 Gors 7 Ungors
full command
2 Hand weapons

Mark of Nurgle
Full command
Vitriolic Totem

Tuskgor Chariot:85

Chaos Hounds:30
5 hounds

Chaos Hounds:30
5 hounds

Mark of Nurgle
great weapons
light armour

full command


The main goal in this list is to smash with the non ambushing units, then get the upper hand by ambushing with 2 beast herds and 2 chaos hounds. By controlling the most of the board edge, I can get many victory points if I control the table quarters with no contestants. I plan on also rear charging and flank charging for nice static combat res. If I charge let's say, a unit of 20 grave guard. I charge them in the rear with a unit of beast herds and the front with my minotaurs. I already outnumber, negate ranks, 1 banner, 2 ranks. I have a nice static combat res of 5 and if I inflict enough wounds with the two units, I'll own that combat phase.

15-07-2008, 10:57
I don't think you can use the "ambush" special rule if your general doesn't have it. Being able to deploy minotaurs as core units + being able to ambush, that would be far too devastating :evilgrin:. And i think that doombulls can only be equiped with magic weapons (i'm not really sure, i have the 1st version of the army book, which doesn't have the erratas that followed up).

15-07-2008, 14:00
Akgaroth is correct in both his points Im pretty sure doombulls can only have magic weapons;shame as theyd be nasty pieces of work otherwise.
If I were you I would remove the first beastheard unit and cut the gors down to 7 members each in the other two units and with the points saved plus the points saved on the doombull means you can afford a second unit of 4 minotaurs, much more effective in an army that cant ambush.
Other than that looks like a pretty solid list although I would remove the full command on the centigors and with any spare points get more warhounds to shield the minotaurs/bestigors or increase the size of the bestigore unit to 18.
Hope this has helped.

15-07-2008, 17:34
Yeah I just checked my codex and yes you're right about both points. Sorry I didn't catch that. So with the freed up points, I'll take out the full command on the centigors and add 2 more units of chaos hounds. I'm going to keep the beast herds because I use them to screen the flanks off of my minotaurs.

18-07-2008, 04:22
Any other comments??????????????

18-07-2008, 12:48
Aside from the points they already made on the items it looks ok to me. I think nasty little hobbit had a good option on the unit changes for ya though. I would try both depending on the opponent.