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15-07-2008, 10:41
Hi thar forum-walkers :)
You see, i have a problem. I was recently coerced in to buying a VC battalion box and army book (it had nothing to do with me wanting it, really) and i need some help in gaining a cheap to build army up to 3000pts, from where i'll start buying expensive stuff.

I own as of currently:
The battalion (20 skellies, 20 zombies, 10 ghouls and a corpse cart) i also have some zombies left from a previous attempt at an army (like 10 or so, maybe more)
And ~40 skellies /w spears (previous edition)
And a friend of the family has promised that he'd dig up his old ergrimm van horstmann on chaos dragon from when he played and give it to me for free :D
(i'll turn him in to a zombie dragon and replace the rider i think)
Now on to the list:

Vampire Lord [430]
Forbidden lore
Master of the black arts
Flayed hauberk
Crown of the damned
Helm of commandment
Extra magic lvl (total:3)

Vampire Lord [675]
Red fury
Infinite hatred
Avatar of death [Shield]
Blood drinker
Walach's bloody hauberk
Black periapt
Zombie dragon

Vampire [165]
Avatar of death
Dark acolyte
Sword of battle

Necromancer [105]
Invocation of nehek
Vanhel's dance macabre
Book of arkhan

Wight King [125]
Hand of dust

Corpse Cart [100]
Unholy Loadstone

Skeletons (30) [260]
Full command

Skeletons (30) [290]
Full command

Crypt ghouls (10) [80]

Zombies (20) [80]

Grave guard (20) [270]
Full command

Spirit hosts (4) [260]
Count these as already owned as well, as i intend to make them from various mini's
Black knights (5) [160]
Full command


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15-07-2008, 15:55
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16-07-2008, 01:50
I have not played a game of this size or a game with or against VC so my advice may not be that great. But just looking over the book, with your Zombie dragon lord what do you think about the setting him up with the Wristbans of Black Gold and the Balefire Spike? Reason being you already have heavy armour and sheild and the wristbands will give a 3+ ward save to the missle weapons. And with fury and hatred combined with a +2 str on the charge and flameing attack you should be good to go against anything rangeing form rank and file, to things with regen and stuff that takes extra damage from flameing attacks. Other than that I dont think I can comment to much on much of anything else with my lack of experience with/against VC.

16-07-2008, 09:22
I was actually having some thoughts along that line, but i reasoned that blood drinker was a better choice as it allows me to heal both me and my dragon if they get hurt (WITHOUT using the invocation) and the crown offers a 4+/ward save that should help me 'til i get in to Close combat.

16-07-2008, 22:28
Hand of Dust is not worth it, especially not on a wight king. Make him your BSB, or give him a sword of kings for that amazing 5+ killing blow. Mounted or on foot, he is a great addition to any combat unit and is excellent at keeping big, nasty enemies away.

Also, in lieu of the vampire with the sword of battle, might I recommend Manfred the Acolyte? For a small increase in price and a small cut to combat effectiveness, you get a much more powerful wizard that makes your magic much deadlier once he starts connecting with his sword and gives his unit an extra +1 to combat res, always nice. He can carry any magic item you want, so if you need to make room for something else on a lord or just want to keep the black periapt on a model that is less likely to see heavy combat, Manfred is a good choice.

17-07-2008, 02:14
Hmm, really? I thought hand of dust was kinda nice (what with the 2d6 S5 hits and all), and on a wight king it would serve nicely to slay more of his many foes in combat? (as it is used in the magic phase, before the actual combat phase, it would reduce the enemys nubers more than almost any unit i'd place him in, no? never tried it though)
But perhaps you are right, gem of blood and sword of kings was option #2 with him :D

And no, i'll be refraining from special characters until i actually have 3000pts, then i will be adding all of them at once actually, for a second contingent of sylvania, led by vlad and the hero level special chars. I would be interested in hearing of another build though ;)

17-07-2008, 06:14
The effect of the hand is great. Paying so much for an item that can be stopped by a single dispel die 2/3 of the time and stops working 1/6 of the time, isn't great.

Alternate build? Lots of Vargulfs, ghouls, dire wolves, bats, and black knights led by a fighty lord with ghoulkin on a terror or dragon and some other fighty vamps or wight kings. A but unorthodox for VC and effectively throws away the magic phase, but it is fun. About as mobile an undead army as you will ever see, short of a pure cavalry/chariot tomb king force. Hardly competitive, but a nice change of pace and can work with any game size.

17-07-2008, 09:57
Ahh, but that can be avoided by using it last in the phase, since he will want to dispell everything i throw at him most likely.

Ooops, my bad :p I meant vampire builds. Although the army idea you came with has been thought of aswell, but i'm more of an armoured man myself :)

17-07-2008, 15:44
If the hand works for you, then go ahead and use it. The thing is, against any opponent that you can obtain such magical supremacy that he is throwing every dispel die he has at you and is still unable to stop everything, you will probably win without the hand. The effect is very powerful for its cost, but it just feels like a "win-more" item that you aren't going to need very often.

For the dragon rider, an enchanted shield would be better then avatar of death. I don't know how much space he has for magic toys, but it would probably necessitate moving the periapt to one of the other vamps.

19-07-2008, 15:24
Can't mix enchanted shield with magic armour can i? O.o