View Full Version : 2250 Skaven List (Horde ish)

15-07-2008, 13:49
So I thought about changing up my list and bumping up the points to what we have started playing (2250) so I thought I would post my list online and see what you think.

Enchanted Shield
Warpstone Amulet
Biting Blade

Warlock Engineer
Full kit minus Pistol
Storm Demon
Dispel Scroll

Warlock Engineer
Full kit minus Pistol

Heavy Armor
BSB w/ Warbanner

2 X 25 Clanrats
w/Full Command
w/ Ratling Gun
Total-(210) 420

3 X 25 Clanrats
w/ Standard & Musician
Total-(140) 420

4 X 20 Clanrat Slaves
total-(40) 160

5 X 2 PWGs
Total-(20) 100

2 X 5 Night Runners
2 Hand Weapons
Total-(35) 70

5 Night Runners
Throwing Starts

3 X 4 Tunneling Team
2 Poison Hand Weapons
Total-(68) 204

7 Warplock Jezzail
Total- 140

2 X Warplighting Cannon
Total-(100) 200


As with many of your playing groups VC and Deamons have made a huge jump in popularity so I expect to be facing them in the short term. I do not change my list from battle to battle so I was looking for a well rounded force.

I usually go with a block of storm vermin as my center force but I thought I would give this a try.

All comments appreciated.

16-07-2008, 09:27
Nice list, but 2 WLC as well as 3 tunneling teams will not make any friends. If you do not care about what your opponents think of you, then go for it. Otherwise I would change the 3 tunneling teams into 2 5-man strong teams and also possibly skip one WLC. Use those points to get some giant rat packs (and change the biting blade into sword of might or something like that).


16-07-2008, 09:34
3 Tunneling teams is unfair? 1 will collapse or scatter horribley, on'll die uslessly and the other might make their target. Keep them small, they are overpriced so a dead unit will hurt less.

And WLC arnt that bad, they are random & easy to take out.

Good list, update us how it goes.

16-07-2008, 15:15
Thanks for the comments.

I used to be a regular powerhouse with my old skaven and the static+8 stormvermin unit. But I thought I would give a more horde approach and see how it works out for me.

My area is having a escalation tournament so I am dusting off my skaven. This list is for the final weeks (Which is all I really care about)